The 10 Most Preferred Divinity Schools for Religious Studies 2017

Religious Studies and Theological studies give the student an insight into multiple faiths, their origins, their practices, related philosophy, politics and hence, the diverse culture of our world. A graduate in religious and theological studies is mostly preferred for a myriad number of sectors, such as legal, social, retail, catering, education and other. Considering the inter-faith collusions that are occurring in this closely-knit cosmopolitan global diorama, it doesn’t occur as a surprise that theological studies is fast gaining prominence as one of the most sought-after unconventional path of study.
With the intention of gratifying the rising crowd of astute devotees, many divinity schools have come up across the world, especially in the US. In this issue of ‘The 10 Most Preferred Divinity Schools for Religious Studies, in 2017’, we are highlighting those institutes that have turned out to be true trailblazers in the campaign for peace and harmony among the large concoction of students in the world.

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Virginia Theological Seminary: Celebrating the Richness of the Orthodox Tradition Which Makes Us Open to All


To form men and women for lay or ordained leadership and service in the ministry of the church while continuing theological education for clergy and laity. To serve the Anglican Communion and the wider Church and provide an ecumenical, international, and cross-cultural context for theological education with outstanding theological resources for students, scholars, the church and the larger public. Lastly, to be a racially and ethnically diverse community in living out our mission.

From a Room in 1823 to an 80 acre Campus Today- Seeking to discern God’s Will for Our Age

The core of the whole ‘VTS or Virginia Theological Seminary experience’ is living on campus and fully engaging with the diverse community of students and faculty.