Academy of Architecture– Providing a Creative Atmosphere for Studies and Research

The academy strives to perform the best in every task with energy and determination.

Under the banyan tree of Rachana Sansad, Academy of Architecture is the first department which further led to the development of other courses like interior design, fine arts, fashion and textile, photography, and commercial arts. All of these creative discourses are part of the campus.

At its inception in 1955, the founding members envisioned a modest initiative for a professional training institute in Architecture for the aspiring students. Today, the campus creates an environment that upholds excellence to attract and retain the best teachers and experts from all over the world.

The institute believes in inducing a multidisciplinary approach in architecture and design. Various departments collaborate during multiple events inspiring and encouraging students to nurture individual skills which help them find their unique identities as professionals and architects in future. As a Government-aided institute, the campus enjoys a variety of students from around the country bringing in an eclectic mix of skill sets, experiences and cultures.

Vertical studios and workshops are organized for academic work in which students are encouraged to work together in teams which includes students from various years. This helps in building teamwork, exchanging experiences, and skills at an academic level.

Offering Exceptional Educational Facilities

As Academy of Architecture is at the strategic center of Mumbai, the city becomes a laboratory for ideation, innovation, and experimentation. Being a 60-year-old institute in the city, the organization has built associations of cultural and social value with the community in the immediate neighborhood and beyond. The institution has grown with the city, sharing infrastructure, public forums and social concerns.

Every year, students travel nationally and internationally for study trips which focus on rigorous documentation, mapping, and exposes the students to various cultures and lifestyles. Site visits, industrial visits, hands on workshop are a part of academic exposure. Design and technical studios are enquiry-based and encourage experimentation and self-questioning approach to processes.

Insightful Leadership

The institution was founded by three young graduates from the Sir JJ College of Architecture; V.G. Mhatre, S.H. Wandrekar, and C.K. Gumaste. Building on the success of the course, a government diploma was set-up. The DNA of the Academy was defined by the founders with an unwavering focus on offering quality design education that constantly evolves with times and equips students to not only integrate professional practice but also re-define it. This legacy is now cherished by Prof. Suresh Singh and Prof. Rohit Shinkre. They are the current Principals of the aided and unaided sections respectively both with more than 25 years of teaching experience as well as professional experience.

Major Achievements

The academy collaborated with IIT Bombay for Solar Decathlon. The project demonstrated innovation in architecture, construction and engineering. It is the first Indian team to be selected for the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 in Versailles, France.

Accomplished Alumni

AoA has produced numerous graduates who have been very successful in various walks of life. Their alumni are literally the who’s who of the fraternity in India. Some notable alumni include Hafeez Contractor, Noshir Talati, Bijoy Jain, Arzaan Khambatta, Ashok Korgaonkar, Sanjay Puri, and many more.

International Collaborations

The institute has been a part of many international events.  It has participated in the prestigious Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 as Team Shunya in partnership with IIT Bombay. The institute was shortlisted in the final 20 among more than 100 global institutes and universities.

The following have participated as visiting faculty at AoA in the recent past: Teresa Walters, Fullbright Fellow from Harvard; Professors Christina Murphy and Andrea Bertassi from X Coop; Jarrik Ouburg, Ex-Dean Academy of Architecture Amsterdam; and Gary Bates, Space Group, Norway.

The academy is a partner of ROOMS, a global initiative to further research in the emerging field of neuroscience and architecture along with McGill University, Canada; Aalto University, Finland; and IUAV, Venice, IT.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

AoA provides various financial supports to their students. 48% of students are directly benefited from social welfare scheme of Maharashtra State. Additional financial aid is provided on need and merit base from endowment from past students and scholarships from industry.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

The academy enables a wide array of career opportunities for the students. It equips students with competitive knowledge.

Graduates from Academy of Architecture have explored a variety of career paths including architecture journalism, research, product design, interior design, set design, landscape architecture, photography, activism, and academia.

Students often pursue their master in urban design, urban and regional planning, landscape design, creative writing, architecture journalism, and architecture design from prestigious universities such as AA, Bartlett, CEPT TU Delft, Harvard, Columbia, NUS, and RMIT.

Words of Trust

“I joined AOA in 2013 and it has been an exhilarating 5 years. The sheer variety of skills one gets to develop over the course of five years is astounding and having excellent peers makes the experience twice as rewarding! The assignments were set so that we weren’t just competing with each other, but got ample opportunities to work together and develop the art of collaboration which is absolutely essential to an architect’s job in the real world! And all the while, it’s been super fun!” – Nikita Sharma, 5th Year B.Arch.

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