ATI College: Committed Towards Providing a Better Learning and Educational Experience

The college aims to provide the best quality education to all regardless of race, religion, age, and creed.

ATI College is always open and welcoming to students from all walks of life regardless of their culture, race, religion, or station in life. In that sense, ATI College has a strict policy of open-ness and acceptance to all. All their activities, whether academic or recreational, are very inclusive and participation is open to all their students and staff.

Phenomenal Educational and Infrastructural Facilities

ATI College is a premier higher education institution which is locally and independently developed in Sabah that specializes in the field of hospitality education programs. The institute provides a wide variety of educational programs among which the most notable ones are the Diploma in Culinary Arts, as well as the Diploma in Pastry Arts, the Diploma in Hospitality Management and Diploma in Tourism Management. Students produced through these programs are some of the most sought after graduates in the hospitality industry in Sabah, especially among the hotels.

The campus itself is located in the heart of Kota Kinabalu which is the capital of Sabah, specifically in the area of Gaya Street, which is the busiest commercial business district of Kota Kinabalu. Due to this strategic location, all manners of commercial activities are easily accessible such as banking, grocery shopping, hotels, restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls.

Their programs are continuously updated to keep up with the changes and newest developments in the industry. ATI College offers the necessary infrastructures such as high-speed internet, computer labs, a more than adequate library, well equipped lecture/class rooms, and industry recognized kitchen labs. It also provides an organized purchasing and inventory system, continuous academic professional training and development, and a very open and friendly environment for the students.

Awards and Accolades

The focus on the quality development of their programs has led ATI College to win numerous awards including 5 Stars by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA), which is a government body that has oversight of all higher education development in Malaysia. The award indicates that ATI College is committed to providing the best quality in students’ education and support of their studies through the provision of great infrastructures, student support services, and an efficient campus administration.

About the Proactive Leader

Mr. Marcus Solibun is the Assistant Chief Executive Officer and Dean of ATI College with vast and in-depth knowledge of higher education policy and administration. He is responsible for streamlining the programs in ATI College in conformation with the strict requirements of the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) as well as the Ministry of Education. One of the most notable changes he has made is to have an equal and fair assessment of students’ knowledge not only through a written exam but also through experience learning and practical hands-on assessment. His goal is to ensure that each graduate from ATI College will be industry ready by the time they have graduated.

Financial Support

ATI College offers performance-based scholarships to qualified SPM (the Malaysian national syndicated examination) leavers who wish to study any of the diploma programs. The scholarship value is based on the top grades achieved for the examination. A full scholarship for studies shall be granted for students who show top grades in all their subjects for their SPM examination. The college also offers a financial aid study package to qualified students who are from an economically disadvantaged background. The financial aid consists of program fee sponsorship as well as accommodation assistance from the college. In return, students who are receiving these benefits are expected to show exemplary performances in their academic activities.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

The college provides a wide array of career opportunities in the hotel and hospitality industry. Many alumni of the institute are working as off-shore rigging galley cooks, event organizing, cruise crewman, hospital kitchens, and in some cases running their own businesses such as a restaurant or a food truck. Part of ATI College’s commitment towards a better learning and education experience for its students is through the collaboration with various institutes of higher learning and professional bodies. Some of the institutions of higher learning that are in collaboration with ATI College includes Nilai University, Athlon Institute of Technology (AIT) Ireland, and University of Birmingham, just to name a few. ATI College has also forged cooperation with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in its efforts to continuously strengthen the Diploma of Accountancy for the benefit of its students.

Words of Trust

What I like about ATI College the most is the jovial lecturers; from the way they pass knowledge and how they treat others.” – Ardhini Khairie, Hotel Management.

I highly recommend ATI College as a school of choice to further your career or to attain your educational goals. The lecturers are knowledgeable professional and friendly.” – Haward Elish Anggin, Tourism Management.

ATI College is the place that has taught me a lot about pastry and has given me a ton of hands on experience in order to improve my skills.” – Siti Fazriana Noor Binti Abd Rashid, Pastry Arts.

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