Development of Growth Mindset

Optimistic person believes that the glass is half full while the pessimist believes that it is half empty. This is the simplest example to determine how your brain functions in default. According to independent surveys, it is observed that the mental reflexes of most of the people are pessimistic. This tells us about how much our brain is challenged when it comes to optimism.

It becomes very difficult to improve the negative mindset of person once he attains comfort with it. Hence, it is very essential to take measures for improvement at an early age. However, even in the latter days of life, when your deep rooted beliefs and principles fail to serve the purpose of self-motivation and self-uplifting, you might as well want to inculcate a few healthy mental habits.

Few of the many habits for development of growth mindset are described below. You are open to think beyond about other things that facilitate your mental development.

Self Belief- The Golden Key to Start Your Journey

First step towards success is faith. Before anybody else believes it, you have to believe in your idea. If you have a plan A there is no need to have a plan B. Ask yourself, what should I do in order to achieve my goal? What is my plan of action? The voice inside your head constantly keeps informing you about the pros and cons of your reactions to any situation. To have faith in your gut feeling and act in accordance is of utmost importance. It may not be as simple to do, but it is the correct thing to do for you to succeed. Learn to listen to your inner voice.

Passion – The Driving Force

Passion is a combination of love towards something you like and a slightly lit fire inside you to achieve what you desire. The flame of passion will guide you on the path of conquering your aims and ambitions. That’s why they say passion leads to purpose! Life with a purpose is a life worthy of living. Follow your passion to uncover the beautiful and unbreakable dimes of your strengths and plant seeds for others to bear fruits from it.

Books – The Navigation System of Life

Someone has rightly said, “Books are your best friends”. Constantly keeping yourself indulged in reading is very important for your mental development. Learning new things or improvising your special skills is the best exercise for your brain. Ultimately, your curious mind will lead you to innovative creations. Also the type of books you read determine the kind of personality you develop. So always choose the books you read smartly.

Challenges – The Adventures on the Path of Success

Climbing a mountain is not as simple as walking on a straight-flat concrete road. There are peaks and valleys, mud and water, wild thorns and infectious creatures but more importantly, there is an elevation. To achieve that difference in altitudes, we have to tie our laces and step up. In tough situations like this, a growth mindset will encourage you to take up the challenges in the path towards your destination and built your mental, physical and emotional abilities to enhance your performance. In life, always stay open to challenges, for every challenge brings a bunch of life-changing experiences and unique lessons along with it.

Failures – The Milestones That Mark Our Lessons Learnt

Failure is a stepping stone in the process of achieving your goals. When you fall down flat on your butt, it requires a strong will and brave heart to get up, fight back and win! Life has its own ways of surprising us with highs and lows. High times are enjoyed and envied by all. But those who take motivation from failure are the ones who succeed more often than people dwelling in the past and refraining from getting over it. If you haven’t experienced the bitter failure, the sweetness of success will just be vague.

Along with the above mentioned factors, include other influential things in your day-to-day life such as being particular about your eating and sleeping schedule, surrounding yourself with the right circle of friends, accepting critical and skeptical responses from your peers, perseverance and regular self-introspection.

To develop a strong growth mindset, nurture your brain with healthy habits. Look up to challenges. Let failure motivate you and always have faith in yourself. Don’t hold yourself back thinking about the possibilities of failing. Focus on doing it right and giving your hundred percent. When you find something that interests you, just go for it because ‘at least I tried’ is much better and rewarding than ‘I should have tried.’

Lastly, don’t be impatient. Give it time and work hard for it. The upcoming things will be positively surprising and overwhelming!

– Namita Patil

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