Evolving Learning Practices with Evolving Technologies
Evolving Technologies

Evolution of a new technology impacts every domain of society; provided it is escalating user benefits. Using the reports of psychology of students with the latest technology not only accelerates the learning capabilities of students, but it also helps them to apply the lessons to different problem statements. Here are some of the current evolving  practices which are changing the traditional ways of learning.


Mobile phones and tablets are dominating the laptops and desktops with their accessibility, mobility and handling advantages. Despite of being small in size they have the ability to perform complex operations. They have the capabilities to possess run apps and games. Special apps and games compatible with all mobile phones and tablets are designed for educational purposes. Having a good user interface, these apps keep the students involved in the process which leads them to realize the depth of the lessons. These apps and games are programmed according to the age or the qualification of the students, which makes them a universal platform of learning.

Use of Cloud

Using cloud and giving accessibility to the students is assisting the teachers to proficiently manage the process of teaching. Important notes, documents, summaries, etc., can be uploaded at the platform so that it gets easily attainable by everyone. Students, on the other hand, are able to upload their assignments at any instance from any place.

Virtual Reality            

Virtual reality is giving the capability to the students to learn the things with more comprehension. By using animations and 3D imaging the professors can teach their students in a more effective way. With a little creativity, a teacher can express his views on the complicated strands of the subject. The visual and sound effects enable the children to remember things for longer time span.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Use of Artificial Intelligence in educating children is blooming because of obvious reasons. AI studies the pattern of answers given by student and arranges the next question according to it. It can be designed to improve overall learnings or can be focused to strengthen a specific subject or area of the syllabus.

Social Media

Use of social media within the organizations for the benefits of every hand connected to the education system is gaining its popularity. Connecting every student to the events organized, starting online contests, publishing the topper’s list on the platform keeps everyone encouraged. Gaining knowledge from the discussions on the major problem statements on the site is another most important benefit students are experiencing.

The most important benefit of the technology – one can get educated at even the farthest place on the globe, that too in a multiple ways. It is summarized that the use of technology is making education a more communicative and enjoyable process, but using these technologies wisely according to the environment and the audience remains in the hands of educators and governing faculties.

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