The current global population has reached up to 7.6 Billion and expected to grow 10 billion by 2020. The design and construction business will be one of the fastest expanding industries globally. This shift will put Architects and Designers increase in demand globally for generations to come up. In India, new projects will contribute more than 50% of construction sector.  It is predicted that in next 20 years, more than 200 million Indians will migrate from rural to urban areas.  This will add more demand on urban infrastructure.

There is 100 percent foreign direct investment in the construction development filed with approval from Indian cabinet. Consequently, this will prove out to be express development in nation development and which will generate more number of architect’s employment.  This situation will provide incredible opportunities to architects to present entrepreneurship skills via start up their own architecture and design firms in India. There is an emergent drift between the youth and the old in India to get their dream home, which has boosted construction. This has produced number of opportunities for architectural companies.

Architecture as a great professional education, does not only teach about design methods but it makes aware with social and cultural values of society, leadership, communications and service. This creates an inner vision to design a sustainable future and redesign the civilization which will continue till lifelong in their career. Architecture Profession is opening up its possibility for the students, with the different dimensions of career in the field.  A full time five year degree presents students the opportunity to explore the numerous facets of architecture and its scope in society. Fresh graduate architects are gaining rapid identification in Urban and rural areas with the emerging infrastructure demand in housing, educational, Landscape Architect and health infrastructure.

In the capacity of an architect, one is able to identify the area of specialization after completing the Bachelor of Architecture. One can do expertise in the field of Urban Design, Sustainable Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design and Affordable Housing. There are number of smart city projects under going and in pipe line by Government for revolutionizing India. An architect can develop career in the Urban Planning, Transport Planning, Infrastructure Planning, Regional Planning and Environmental Planning.

Now a day’s either developed or developing nation they are boosting the tourism industry and conserving the heritage and old buildings. Architects have great potential in Architectural Conservation which addresses historic buildings, historic areas and built heritage resources. There are number of Government aided and Public Private Partnership projects to conserve heritage monuments. Architectural Conservation area develops professionals to expand architectural practice to conservation and deign in historic place with respecting the social and cultural value.

Over the period, there are number of other fields in which architect can build their career. The professions are not even heard before ten year back. However, in current scenario there is huge demand in global market. The digital software’s skill have put architect on higher demand in market. Architect having knowledge of Software’s like Revit Architecture, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, BIM and Design simulation are earning higher salaries globally. Architects with higher proficiency in digital software can start their own firms and give consultancy. Architects are doing specialization in Building Engineering and Management. As the project managers are in high demand in multinational real estate companies.

There is no limitation of being a designer. In recent era, architects and designers have developed their career in film making sets and photography. Worldwide, every nation is concern about the building security system and society safety.  Architects can find their expertise in the field of Advance Building Automation security system.

Globally, private and government companies float design competitions. Architects can compete for national and international design idea competitions. In the profession of architecture, there is no limit of sky if one is equipped with creative innovative thinking and creative skills.

In current scenario and large number of upcoming infrastructure projects present tremendous career opportunities in the field of architecture in India and abroad. Architects need to identify the best potential and acquire the expertise in the respective field and step in to the business market. There is huge demand of skilled professional’s globally and it is the ideal time to step into architecture filed as there are number of prospectus for infrastructure project especially in developing country like India. 

Ashok Mittal is the Chancellor of Lovely Professional University. He is the solo dream-merchant in casting ahead regular successes and glories not only for the university, but also, for the students, staff members, parents, and other allied personalities. He is driven by the vision and strong belief of transforming the way education is delivered in India, and to pay back more to the society than received through it. After entering the education sector in 2001, Mr. Mittal realized that as an affiliated college, there were many limitations to the revolutionary thought he imbibed. Hence, he established LPU to impart quality education the way it ought to be delivered.

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