Impact of Social Networking Sites on the Youth

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in a day’s span?

We are all aware that social networking is expanding at an accelerating pace. To catch up with that our youth is going head over heels to explore all the exciting updates that pop up on their electronic devices every day. But we all know that every coin has two sides. Let’s put light on some of them.

Time Spent on Social Sites

Impact of Social Networking on Youth | The Knowledge ReviewIn recent surveys, reports showed that every person on an average spends at least 1.8 hours on socializing with their network per day. It is also possible that most of us spend more time surfing on Google than the total time we do on sleeping. In this era of computerization, everything is digitalized. Hence it is nearly impossible to avoid the internet surfing.

Positive Effects of Social Networking

Education has become very convenient with the help of social media. Students can easily share important data for class work or assignments. It is also effective for gathering information to prepare project reports and other educational purposes. Teachers find it’s easy to keep their students updated with the class and exam schedules.

Social sites like LinkedIn, etc., save the effort of doing the whole employment process by traditional methods. It gives opportunities to candidates who are seeking for particular job profile. Employees as well as employers can search for jobs or people of their choice to work for or work with.

The fastest way to advertise anything is to upload it on social sites. Social media is faster in conveying the news or information than any other media say radio, television or newspapers. Also, government sites as well as private sites are available for filing documents. Ticket booking has become very serviceable to the customers, may it be for a movie show, a hotel in a far town or for an overseas travel trip.

Through many years, social media has helped people stay in contact with their distant friends, relatives and other influential people in their lives, which would have otherwise been impossible. Hence social media proves to be an excellent platform to promote and facilitate innumerable things.

The Expectation of Fame and the Importance of Being Liked

Impact of Social Networking on Youth | The Knowledge ReviewThe social media, as knowledgeable or impressive it is, has side effects going far ends. As we start getting acquainted to it, it slowly starts pulling us deeper into it. We don’t even understand when it becomes an addiction!

Many researchers have analyzed behavior of the people who are highly addicted to the social networking sites. When a post receives likes and comments, people really seem to like it and when it happens otherwise, they experience withdrawal. Many people portray an unreal or fake personality just for the desire to be liked.

Now the question is, can we rely on the information of a person uploaded on the social sites?

Negative Effects of Social Networking

No good thing comes without bearing consequences. As effective as social media is, there is a high chance that you are using it for wrong purposes. People are found wasting hours over hours on social sites acquiring zero productive information. Discount commercials influence people to spend unnecessarily.

Most sites used to have an age limitations earlier, but now with that being gone, youngsters are getting indulged in surfing at an increasing rate. And due to their immature age, they usually fall prey to the cyber bullying. This causes severe effect on the mental and emotional health of the youth.

Lack of privacy on the social sites has turned out to be the most threatening thing. Mostly the young generation is unaware of the policies and end up uploading personal information on social sites. The commercial sites have access to the private information and tend to misuse it.

In spite of being aware of the threats of social sites, why are we turning a blind eye?

The Bottom Line

Is our internet culture destroying us? Is social media taking over our lives?

We can’t deny the fact that social media has not only become a part of our lives but our lives seem to revolve around it. Very few people can resist the temptation of checking for their messages and status updates every two minutes. The person to person contact is deteriorating day by day.

Social networking is a very broad source of information and communication but at the same time it can be misleading as well. In the end it’s our choice to make, which path we wish to take!

Namita Patil

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