The Modern Architecture, Offering a Journey beyond Imagination

“What is now proved was once only imagined” – William Blake, a renowned poet.

Architecture creates a significant impact on how we experience the world. What we are expecting/ imagining to happen in the future, architectures are making it happen today. People in the world are experiencing the unbelievable thrill which they owe to architecture.

So, what is architecture?

Architecture is more than just glass, steel and concrete. Architecture is living story of societal values that are reflected and affected by the already built environment. Architecture is giving birth to divergent shapes and functions in order to give purpose and meaning to space. It is story of civilization; past, present and future. It is inspiring innovation, and improving the quality of life.

Architecture uses their special understanding of skill to transform people through an incredible power of space. They have responsibility to deliver spaces that are healthy, cost-effective and resource efficient. Architecture itself is considered as one of the tool, which will reverse some of the damage or at least slow it down. Architecture is the process of learning from the elements of nature to design buildings that will help humanity to survive longer, better and stronger.

It create working environment for people; for that, they need creativity, inspiration and beauty that will give a meaning and happiness on which they can also educate the environment. The Environment is inspiring because of the quality of natural light, materials that were used, which includes rapidly renewable and recycled cork and bamboo. It is the important feeling of being connected to a community. It is for everyone should feel like that they are part of the larger world. Basically architectures make connection between people in so many different ways.

The Modish Future

The numbers of iconic buildings are rising. Buildings, like Sydney Opera House, Lloyds Building- London, Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia, Burj Khalifa- Dubai and Kimbell Museum-USA. Wonderful buildings are reasoned due to technologically innovative ideas. Innovations were there and will still remain 1000 years from now. By using internet, we stay much closer to the new evolving technologies.

Today, technology has architecture and building designs in a position that one can have interactive walls, where the one can blow on it or make hand gestures near the wall and the shape of wall will respond whatever you do.

So, one can now make buildings which can be interactive by pushing the boundaries through new techniques and bright imaginations. Future is beyond our imagination and much more exciting than ever before.

Simply unbelievable and incredible innovations are evolving, like – Beautifully designed bridges, Rotating skyscrapers: A building that is expected to rotate 360-degree in every 90 minutes, so that no tenant has the necessity to fight over such specific side facing view. Indoor parks: Have you ever wanted to stay inside but still go to the park? Urban design could soon feature indoor open space. Sustainable buildings materials: From wooden skyscrapers to bricks made of locally sourced Mushrooms, sustainable materials are on the rise. 3D printed Interiors: One will be able to make usage of 3D print inside of their home and so there is no need to pay an interior sculptor.

Amazing work by architectures everywhere today, dramatic example is Masdar City, a brand-new NetZero City, right outside of Abu Dhabi is being built. Don’t forget that this is just single example; there are many other examples too.

Final thoughts

However, the future is getting super exciting with, dramatic changes in the shape of buildings that are becoming the most inspiring piece of architecture. From undergoing digital production of these bunches of innovative architects, it is clear that – soon it would be possible to bring imaginations into the reality. With the burning flame of hope, architectures are trying to make the world better place to live.

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