The 10 Best International Schools in Malaysia 2018


In a famous scene of a famous European drama, a famous protagonist famously says “If world is a Kiln, we are the Clay and Geography is our Destiny”. Yes, geography determines and defines our existence. It dictates its authority over most of the features, facilities, traits, treasures and resources that nature has bestowed us with. But there exits an entity which flows free from the geographical boundaries and limitations of constraint. That entity is – Education. In truer sense, it’s not just an entity, it is a phenomenon instead, a phenomenon of ‘Liberation’.

Education has always been a way of knowledge proliferation. Irrespective of the part of the world one belongs to, through education one can easily enrich oneself with the precious art, culture, practices and traditions of any other distant place of the planet. Though, education has been the liberator for mankind since ages. In recent times the International Schools have boosted the entire process of knowledge proliferation across geographical boundaries. They are the real harbingers of ‘intellectual liberation’. The beautiful land of Malaysia is also experiencing this ‘boost’ in the form of global educational standards. In this perspective, to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions and efforts of educational institutions of Malaysia, we have come up with our special edition on “The 10 Best International Schools in Malaysia 2018”

IDRISSI International School: A Homely School with a Mission for the Earth

“We Produce THINKERS-LEARNERS who have an inquiring outlook, the ability to articulate problems and issues, the habit of exploring alternative possibilities, the capacity to critically examine issues and ideas, good reasoning, and independent judgment”.

Located in a developing eco-region of Setia Alam, Malaysia, IDRISSI International School is an eco-Islamic international school that follows the Cambridge International Curriculum as academic framework, while infusing Islamic and environmental education in all its lessons. Living in the name of Eco-Islamic International School, the students here are groomed to be multilingual. They communicate in three languages; English as the main medium of communication, their own Bahasa & Alam and Arabic…

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