The 10 Most Scintillating Institutes for Computer Applications, 2018


The computer application education sector in India is rapidly growing. Innovative teaching procedures accompanied by modern technologies, instruments, computer based tools, soft wares, and e-books are gradually being used in the educational institutions to improve the teaching–learning techniques and to provide a major boost to the computer education sector.

The leading computer application institutes are providing specialized courses to train, educate, and prepare eligible candidates for offering their services and contributing in the development of the technological sector of the country. These institutions offer a variety of courses including Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA), Master in Computer Application, and Diploma in Computer Application, after completing which they can pursue a successful career.

The Knowledge Review thus comes up with a special edition on “The 10 Most Scintillating Institutes for Computer Applications, 2018 ” which highlights some of the best institutes in India which are transforming and enhancing computer education in a creative fashion. It enlists those institutes which have set a benchmark in the field of computer education, research and training.

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Vidyasagar University –A Revolutionary Frontrunner in the Field of Education

The University aspires to become an institute par excellence and maintain a top class standard comparable to the best international universities by tapping human potential from all sections of the society and educate young students to excel in their domain

Vidyasagar University, named after one of the most illustrious sons of Bengal as well as one of the doyens of Indian Renaissance, Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, has grown out of a long cultural and educational movement in West Bengal in general and in the undivided district of Midnapore in particular. he idea of founding a University in the district was mooted by the various organizations, notably by the Regional Education Association, Midnapore, headed by Professor A.K. Gayen of IIT, Kharagpur.

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