5 little known facts about nalanda university

Nalanda University, an ancient center of learning in India, has a rich history filled with intriguing details. Here are five little-known facts about Nalanda University:

1. Extensive Library System  Nalanda University housed one of the ancient world's largest libraries, known as Dharmaganja, which was divided into three main buildings: Ratnasagara , Ratnadadhi , and Ratnaranjaka

2. International Student Body  Nalanda was a truly international university, attracting students and scholars from various parts of Asia, including China, Korea, Japan, Tibet, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia.

3. Comprehensive Curriculum  The curriculum at Nalanda was remarkably comprehensive, covering a wide range of subjects beyond religious studies. Students studied Vedas, logic, grammar, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, and the fine arts.

4.Highly Selective Admission Process  Admission to Nalanda was highly competitive, with only a small percentage of applicants being accepted. The selection process included rigorous oral examinations to test the applicants' knowledge and intellectual abilities.

5.Influence on Modern Education Systems  The organizational structure and teaching methods of Nalanda have influenced modern educational institutions. The university operated under a residential system, with students and faculty living on campus, which is similar to the modern concept of a university campus.