5 things they typically cannot consume in space

Crumbly Foods: Bread, cookies, chips, and other items that easily crumble can pose a hazard in space. Crumbs can float freely, potentially clogging equipment or even entering an astronaut's eyes or nose. Instead, astronauts often opt for tortillas or bite-sized snacks with minimal crumbs.

Carbonated Beverages: Soda, sparkling water, and other fizzy drinks don't behave the same way in space. The carbonation doesn't escape as bubbles readily, causing discomfort and potentially stomach issues. Astronauts primarily drink water, juice, or specially designed beverages that don't release gas.

Salt and Pepper Shakers: Like crumbs, loose salt and pepper can easily float around and contaminate the spacecraft environment. Instead, astronauts use liquid or paste versions of these condiments, dispensed from squeeze bottles or packets.

Alcohol: Although tempting to imagine astronauts enjoying a celebratory drink after a spacewalk, alcohol is strictly prohibited. It impairs judgment and coordination, which are crucial for astronauts performing complex tasks in a critical environment.

Spicy Foods: While individual preferences vary, astronauts generally avoid very spicy foods. Spicy oils and particles can irritate the eyes and respiratory system, causing discomfort in the closed environment of the spacecraft.