7 Best countries to study for International Students, knowtheir visa fee

United States

Visa Fee: $160 (non-refundable application fee for the F-1 student visa) . Highlights: Renowned universities, diverse programs, extensive research opportunities. – 

United Kingdom

Visa Fee: £363 (for the Student visa) Highlights: Prestigious institutions, numerous scholarships, rich cultural heritage.–


Visa Fee: CAD 150 (for the study permit application) – Highlights: High-quality education, safe environment, affordable living costs.


Visa Fee: €75 (for the student visa) . Highlights: No tuition fees at public universities, strong emphasis on research, affordable living costs.


Visa Fee: AUD 650 (for the student visa subclass 500) Highlights: Excellent education system, multicultural environment, work opportunities during study.


– – Visa Fee: €99 (for the long-stay student visa) Highlights: Rich cultural experience, globally recognized universities, affordable tuition fees. – 

New Zealand

Visa Fee: NZD 530 (for the student visa application) . Highlights: High-quality education, friendly environment, work rights during study. –