7 highest paying careers after class 12th

Engineering: Pursuing a Bachelor's degree in engineering in fields such as computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or civil engineering can lead to well-paying career opportunities in various industries.

Medicine: Becoming a doctor or a healthcare professional by pursuing a degree in medicine (MBBS) or other allied health sciences like dentistry, pharmacy, or nursing can offer lucrative career prospects.

Chartered Accountancy (CA): Embarking on the journey to become a Chartered Accountant involves rigorous training and examinations but can lead to highly rewarding career opportunities in accounting, auditing, taxation, and financial management.

Commercial Pilot: Pursuing a career as a commercial pilot by enrolling in a pilot training program can lead to high-paying jobs in the aviation industry, including working for commercial airlines or private aviation companies.

Merchant Navy: Joining the Merchant Navy through specialized courses after Class 12th can lead to well-paying careers as a deck officer, marine engineer, naval architect, or shipping logistics officer.

Information Technology (IT) Professional: Acquiring certifications and training in IT fields such as software development, cybersecurity, data science, or cloud computing can open doors to high-paying jobs in the tech industry.

Law: Pursuing a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree after Class 12th and subsequently becoming a lawyer or legal professional can offer lucrative career opportunities in law firms, corporate legal departments, or as a practicing advocate.