10 Secrets to Maximizing Your Ammo Budget 

Cost Savings  : The most obvious benefit of using once fired 308 brass is the cost savings. Since these casings have already been fired, they can be purchased at a lower cost compared to new brass. 

Quality Assurance  : Some shooters may be hesitant about using once fired brass due to concerns about its quality and reliability. 

Versatility : Once fired 308 brass can be used to reload a variety of calibers, not just the .308 Winchester. 

Customization  : Reloading your ammunition with once fired 308 brass also allows for customization. 

Environmental Consciousness  : In addition to cost savings and versatility, using once fired brass and bullets for reloading is also environmentally friendly. 

Availability  : Since the .308 Winchester is a popular cartridge, once fired 308 brass is widely available. This means you won’t have to search high and low for it like some other calibers 

Learning Opportunity  : Brass reloads with once fired 308 also provides an opportunity for shooters to learn new skills and gain knowledge about the components of their ammunition. 

Brass Life Extension : By using a once fired 308 brass, you are extending the life of these casings. Instead of being discarded after one use, they can be reused multiple times before needing to be replaced.