Recent Update: Google did release an update to the YouTube VR app on the Meta Quest 3 in March 2024.

8K Capability - Unconfirmed: While some reports suggested the update enabled 8K video playback, this might be inaccurate. The Meta Quest 3's display resolution is capped at 4K.

Possible Experimentation:  The update allowing selection of 8K videos might be an experiment by Google. They could be testing the infrastructure and user experience for future headsets capable of 8K streaming.

Future of 8K VR Streaming:  With advancements in technology, 8K VR headsets are expected in the coming years. Google might be preparing the YouTube VR app for compatibility with such devices.

Current Benefits:  Even though 8K playback might not be functional yet, the update could offer other improvements like better bitrates for smoother 4K streaming in the YouTube VR app.

User Experience:  While 8K resolution wouldn't be visible on the current Meta Quest 3, users might report improvements in perceived sharpness or detail depending on the specific video content.

Future Headsets:  News and announcements from Meta or other VR headset manufacturers regarding upcoming 8K resolution devices are worth following.

Impact on VR Gaming:  8K resolution could significantly enhance the visual fidelity of VR games, offering a more immersive and realistic experience.

Content Availability:  The development of 8K VR content would be crucial for users to fully utilize the potential of 8K streaming capabilities.

Bandwidth Requirements:  Streaming 8K video requires a robust and stable internet connection to avoid buffering or lag.