Is It Necessary to Turn Off the Water Before Going on Vacation?

Turning off the water supply before vacation is crucial to prevent potential plumbing disasters.

Leaving water running can cause leaks, floods, and damage to your home's structure.

It helps avoid hefty repair costs and high water bills upon your return.

Continuous water flow can lead to wastage and risks to your property's integrity.

Shutting off water prevents issues like mold growth and unexpected pipe bursts.

How to turn off the water: Locate and close the main water valve, usually near the water meter.

Draining remaining water from pipes reduces the risk of freezing and damage.

Failure to turn off water can result in severe plumbing problems and structural damage.

Risks include property damage, mold growth, and appliance malfunctions.

Turning off water during vacation saves water, money, and ensures your home's safety.