The effects of parental involvement on student behaviour

Positive Attitudes Towards School: When parents actively participate in their children's education by showing interest, offering encouragement, and emphasizing the value of learning, students are more likely to develop positive attitudes towards school.

Improved Attendance and Punctuality: Parental involvement in monitoring and reinforcing attendance and punctuality expectations contributes to improved school attendance rates and fewer instances of tardiness. 

Enhanced Classroom Behavior: Parents who establish clear expectations for behavior, communicate disciplinary guidelines, and reinforce positive behavior at home contribute to improved classroom behavior.

Reduced Risky Behaviors: Parental involvement serves as a protective factor against engaging in risky behaviors such as substance abuse, delinquency, and violence. 

Higher Academic Achievement: Parental involvement has a strong correlation with academic achievement, as engaged parents provide support, encouragement, and resources that contribute to their children's success.