Top 10 Study Habits and How to Prevent Common Pitfall

Set Clear Goals    Habit: Define SMART goals for each session.  Prevention: Avoid vague objectives; stay specific and focused.

Create a Study Schedule   Habit: Develop a consistent schedule.  Prevention: Avoid overloading; allow for breaks and flexibility.

Organize Your Study Space    Habit: Keep your area clean and distraction-free.  Prevention: Regularly tidy up to maintain a conducive environment.

Use Active Learning Techniques   Habit: Engage with the material actively (summarizing, teaching, mnemonics).    Prevention: Avoid passive reading; interact with the content.

Take Regular Breaks   Habit: Incorporate short breaks to rest.  Prevention: Use techniques like Pomodoro; balance study and rest.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthily   Habit: Maintain a healthy diet and hydration.  Prevention: Avoid excessive caffeine and junk food.