What Would Be the Next Masterstroke?

In the world, India gains attention for various reasons overcoming the drawbacks of the diversity in culture, caste, racialism, segregation of state based on the language etc. This is achieved with the concept of community development in the nation in various locations. These are classified in decades in the year 1950’s that is immediately after independence the special focus is on primary education sector, to encourage the primary both the central and state government has taken enormous steps to make people to encourage their children to have primary education in schools, The Indian Constitution amended law with the motive of “Education for all”. Later to implement the concept in the period of 1950’s – 1960’s each state has promoted the concept of education for all and made a remarkable history by achieving the same, this is treated as the First Master Stroke in the development of the Nation. This movement has achieved an average of 77 % of students went to school.

In 1980’s, the educationalist felt that the primary education is not sufficient for the development and growth of the nation, so they insisted the matter with the philanthropist across the nation and generated fund for higher education. The government has also set up regularity bodies like All India Council for Technical Education and University Grant Commission, Distance Education Council, to encourage and impart higher education to the people. Again the state government has taken steps to set up state universities, later they are being segregated based on their disciplines such as Medical, Engineering, Arts and Science, agriculture etc. this has created a remarkable history which paved way for qualified professionals across the nation, this is treated as Second Master Stroke in the development of the nation.

Through these two Master strokes, we have introduced L3 model of Life that is Legacy, Love and Live. To develop the skills, the government of India and its state governments have taken steps to curtail the unskilled problem by imparting the Skill based education through National Skill Development Corporation and State Skill Development Corporation in the respective states. To curtail the unskilled problems several measures are taken. Now the biggest challenge is that to reduce the Unemployment of the Nation. So the government is working on creating the entrepreneurs the biggest challenge is again here is two, one is creation of a sustainable product and the funding for development.  To overcome the funding problem the government has introduced the concept of Mudra Loan and NEEDS, MSME, SIDBI, TIIC are some other sources for funding and government created platforms like Make in India, in addition to this the corporate sectors also extended their hand to help the upcoming entrepreneurs by offering the platforms like Startup Mania, Maker Lab, Jaaga and many more in different locations. In some places, some Maker Faire is being hosted to help the young innovators. Non-Governmental sectors also started to extend support by means of venture capital, Startup Accelerator, Private Equity etc.

There is a vast difference between Invention and Innovation, Invention finds a solution and Innovation derives a value. In other words the Invention creates something new whereas the innovation creates something that it sells. The common factor is that bad triggers like frustration, anger, irritation leads to good outcomes. The Mantra behind this invention and innovation is creativity.

Now our focus is on 3P’s of Entrepreneurship, that is People, Profit, Planet, in addition to this three our focus is also on Social Justice and English Proficiency, If this is being achieved we will be successful in Third Master Stroke, which is expected to impact the societal development of the nation.

About the Author

Sreejith Vignesh B P is a Ph.D. and has studied M.Sc. MBA. MCA. M.Phil. and PG.DLL.

Currently, he is serving as a Head of Corporate Relations, Industry Interface, and Training & Placements at J.K.K.Nattraja Educational Institutions – Kumarapalayam. He has an enormous experience in Academics, Human Resource, Training and Placements and Research.

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