255 IIT Indore students write M.Tech exams online amidst lockdown
M.Tech exams online

A total of 255 students from the Indore Indian Institute of Technology began their open online M.Tech book exams from their home on Sunday, said the spokesman Sunil Kumar. This was the first time that students have been sitting at home and answering questions in the 11-year history of ITI, scheduled to conclude on 6 July.

These students have been hired by companies and we want them to take their responsibilities at the right time, he added.

When the outbreak of coronavirus started here in March, the IIT students and Indian management Institute Indore left home.

IIM Indore Director Himanshu Rai said that he had begun online classes since March and that some of the students also wrote exams online.

He added that webcams are used to track students responding to examinations online.

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