40% Pune schools reported internal assessment of class 10 students, majority used WhatsApp
Pune schools

As per a recently conducted state-wide survey, Pune schools prefer to take tests over WhatsApp or online rather than giving workbooks or going for house visits. With the class 10 examinations standing cancelled across various academic boards owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the state education department is looking for procedures through which it can conduct assessments of students and admit them to the nest class.

In this context, the Maharashtra State Council of Education, Research and Training has conducted a survey on secondary schools across the state to determine how many schools have been able to conduct internal assessments.

Out of the total number of 1951 schools that were surveyed in Pune, 787 or 40 per cent reported that they had conducted internal assessments for class 10 students. As per the reports, schools have used more than one assessment method, of which 755 schools preferred conducting tests via WhatsApp. 276 schools conducted the house visit test, which was the least popular mode of test, while 284 schools provided the students with workbook assignments.

The state conducted the survey across 25,927 secondary schools out of which 50 percent (12298 schools) reported that they conducted internal assessments via WhatsApp.

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