5 Online Courses that can Dramatically Improve your Writing Skills
5 Online Courses that can Dramatically Improve your Writing Skills-Theknowledgereview

Learning to write clearly and efficiently can transform a simple draft into an actionable text. Sound writing ability is an increasingly essential skill demanded in the current workplace environment. Utilization of words in an effective manner can inspire change, felicitate movement, increase visibility and lead an individual towards rapid success.

In this day and age, where the internet has taken over the digital media, the importance of having proficient writing skills is indescribable. The combination of words along with the current internet communication scenario has escalated the demand for individuals with sound writing abilities. But just like other skills, writing isn’t an inherent ability. It takes considerable time, effort and practice to learn its techniques and hone the craft.

How has technology transformed writing?

With the thriving popularity of the internet, written form of communication is being used more than ever before. Social media content, blogs, articles, comments, text messages, and emails, have all contributed towards making written conversation the most viable and reliable means of communication. Writing is an expression of who you are as a person. The blog posts and social media contents are the primary basis on which people assess the educational background and judge a writer’s intellect.

The rise of technology has also brought about innovative tools such as text generators and artificial intelligence. These are built not only to make communication easier, but also to perfect the writing process. For instance, the essay generator is a helpful tool from Academic Help designed to aid those who struggle with structuring their thoughts into coherent articles or essays. It functions by taking the user’s inputted keywords and generating relevant content around them. Though they may not capture the unique voice and personal touch of a human writer, these AI tools can greatly assist in producing high-quality written materials, especially in an academic or professional setting.

At a time where a writer conveys most of his emotional matters online, effective communication can save someone from getting a wrong message being conveyed. Certain things like sarcasm and emotional tone get cryptic when a writer isn’t able to write well. Increasing usage of written communication in the workplace, due to technological advancements, may just be the adequate motivation needed to acquire these necessary skills.

The following are some of the most effective online courses to improve an individual’s writing skills: –

AP* English Language Composition Course – Tennessee Board of Regents

This course is formulated and designed to help students become eloquent writers and readers. Enrolling in this course will help you to write for different purposes that include argumentative, persuasive and analytical situations. It will also develop your understanding of how to evaluate and implement researched content from various sources.

English Grammar and Essay Writing Course – University of California, Berkeley

This introductory writing course is primarily meant for developing your academic and business writing skills. You will learn how to avoid grammatical errors, expand your vocabulary and gain insightful experience in editing and proofreading essays. Course materials in the form of videos and readings will be provided and assignments will be conducted to assess your progress.

English Writing and Composition Course – Arizona State University

This 8-week college level course is an intensive English language developing program, that will help you to learn vital written communication skills. Taught by Professor Duane Roen, enrolling in this course can radically build a solid foundation of grammar for high-school students or higher.

Scribble: Writing for New Writers – OpenLearning

This course navigates across everything related to writing, from constructing simple paragraphs to expressing ideas through complex sentence structures. It also provides smart tips and tricks that helps to move your writing ability towards a positive direction.

Write 101x: English Grammar and Style – University of Queensland

Write 101x course delves deep into grammatical principles, usage of different words, sentence and paragraph structure that enables you to write precise, lucid and engaging content. They provide expert materials and conduct challenging assignments to enhance your quality of writing.

With the help of the above-mentioned introductory courses, you will not only develop a precise understanding of grammar and its usage but also will be able to identify some of the other important components of writing such as style and composition of the content. This way, your overall written communication skills expressed through email applications, resume or social networking sites, will drastically ameliorate.

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