5 Reasons Teachers Should Use a Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a growing concern for educational institutions. Teachers deploy management methods and often resort to disciplinary actions to deal with them. However, plagiarism continues to be an issue as students can now easily find resources online to use for their work. Using a plagiarism checker allows teachers to check the originality of any work and use them to improve their collaboration, communication, and relationship with students.

In today’s article, we’re looking at the five most significant reasons why teachers should use a plagiarism checker.

Makes the Assessments Easier

Plagiarism checker tools allow teachers to check the academic paper for copied content. The tools compare the paper with billions of resources on the Internet. They use AI technology to do a more advanced search to find text that is the same, similar, has the same meaning, or has been paraphrased. They provide fast and accurate results and input so that teachers can streamline their work and grade the students’ work accordingly.

Plagiarism software often includes the percentage of identical matches or similarities between texts. Educational institutions often have an agreed standard of similarity percentage that students should adhere to. With plagiarism checkers, they can easily see if the student’s percentage is below the required number. In addition, they can evaluate their overall writing performance and identify the areas where students struggle.

Saves Time

The larger the class is, the longer it takes to review each assignment. Checking the grammar, style, and originality of ideas in each written work can be time-consuming. This is especially true for checking plagiarism. Doing it manually involves copying parts of the text and pasting them to Google to identify potential matches. Also, the process is less precise as it’s often unattainable to check an entire piece of writing in detail manually.

Plagiarism detection tools provide more accurate results while saving precious time. They can scan a dozen pages in mere minutes. This allows teachers to focus on assessing other, more important facets of student writing, such as voice, tone, and style.

It’s Easy to Integrate with Learning Management Systems

The best plagiarism checkers are designed to seamlessly integrate with and support the features of learning management systems. The integrated cloud-based platform enables teachers to automate their assignments and grade students more accurately. They can also ensure that the student’s work is free of copied content without even leaving the platform.

The ability to integrate is beneficial for teachers developing learning courses. Before uploading the content to the LMS, the content developer can use the plagiarism checker tool to see if the text is unique. This way, they can stay compliant with the copyright and infringement regulations while also maintaining credibility.

Provides Guidance for Honing the Students’ Writing Skills


Granting the students access to a plagiarism checking tool will help them self-assess their writing. That way, teachers can introduce experiential learning. The tool will help them avoid plagiarism and bring significant improvement in their abilities to paraphrase text and cite a source. Students will be able to use the feedback regarding quotation use, referencing, and identical and similar text the tool provides to supplement the teacher’s input and hone their writing skills.

Also, they can learn the different types of plagiarism, such as paraphrasing without attribution, improperly cited sources, and self-plagiarism. By understanding the rules of proper documentation and citation, they can also learn to avoid unintentional plagiarism. Ultimately, a plagiarism checker can serve as a guide for teaching students how to adhere to academic writing standards.

Encourages Students to Take Responsibility for Their Work

With plagiarism checkers, teachers make students aware of their intellectual property rights and the consequences of using others’ work without permission or acknowledgment. These tools can help students develop ethical and moral qualities, which are important when writing project papers. A plagiarism checker can be an excellent tool for creating meaningful learning experiences for students, teaching them how to use the information and express their ideas adequately.

Final Words

Ultimately, plagiarism checker software is a very effective technique for checking essays or theses for anything that could be a sign of plagiarism. These tools help teachers to streamline their assignments while creating meaningful learning experiences. They also allow students to understand the importance of using their own words and avoiding plagiarism. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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