5 Things That Make Legal Representation a Necessity for a Car Accident Case in Long Island
Car Accident

Famous for its pristine sandy beaches, Long Island is a place that every beach lover should visit at least once. This cozy little island in New York State also holds the reputation of being one of the top 10 wine regions. As exciting as all this sounds, Long Island is no stranger to car accidents.

When a negligent party is involved, even the most cautious and seasoned drivers run the risk of becoming involved in an accident. Regretfully, there are reportedly close to 4,000 deadly vehicle accidents in the US annually. You must file a car accident claim as soon as possible to get compensation for the losses and injuries you sustained due to someone else’s carelessness.

It is important to hire experienced car accident lawyers in Long Island who can help you. Here are 5 reasons why you need legal representation:

To assist you in compiling proof for the accident

If someone is at fault for an automobile accident and you get injured, you must be able to substantiate your claim with evidence of the other party’s carelessness. When someone is driving inattentively or recklessly swerves into your lane, it is considered negligence.

You might not know what proof could support these two main points in a car accident case. A lawyer can assist you in obtaining legal documents like police statements, medical records, etc.

To get justice for serious injuries

Serious injuries, such as crushed limbs or traumatic brain injuries, are common in a car accident. You may incur high medical costs to get conditions like this treated. Your attorney can present the following proof to show that you should be compensated for your injuries:

  • Prescriptions and medical bills
  • Your medical records
  • Testimony from medical experts confirming the severity of your injuries

To settle effectively

Insurance companies will always make an effort to give accident victims the least amount of money in settlement. Following an accident, you can recover the following damages through a car accident claim:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost pay
  • Lost opportunity to earn
  • Property damages
  • Pain and suffering

In addition to assisting you in understanding the damages you are entitled to get based on the specifics of your claim, your attorney will engage in negotiations to secure the highest possible compensation for you.


settle effectively

To assist you with the technicalities

Sometimes, a lawyer will suggest suing the person who is at fault. This could occur if the insurance company of the at-fault party declines to offer a reasonable settlement. Should you file a lawsuit, a lawyer can take care of all the requirements for you, including:

  • Submitting court documents
  • Getting your case’s evidence ready for court
  • Examining witnesses
  • Getting the arguments for your case ready
  • Making sure that the case complies with the statute of limitations

A car accident lawyer knows New York state laws better

You must ascertain how different state statutes about personal injury and vehicle insurance may impact your case in New York. A lawyer can guide you through all applicable laws. You may sue an at-fault driver in New York to recover damages, but you’ll have to prove that your injuries are severe enough to qualify as a “serious injury.” You can get all the information you need to understand how to follow these rules from a lawyer.

Final thoughts

A car accident is fraught with complexities. In addition to having to deal with medical complications that arise, the victim will also have to fight it out with the at-fault driver. This can be impossible without quality legal assistance.

This is why victims should hire an experienced car accident lawyer, whether it’s a DUI or a distracted driving accident. With their assistance, victims can get fair compensation for all the losses they have sustained.

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