7 DIY cheap and beautiful bathroom design
DIY bathroom

A DIY bathroom will save your budget. To understand how to equip it, you need to analyze several options and choose the most suitable finance and taste. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on expensive materials to equip an aesthetic bathroom. You can go to bathroom stores near me where to buy bathroom vanities.

Often, simply freshening up the bathroom is enough, or buy modern vanity

  1. Paint old walls or clean tiles. A new color is always refreshing and immediately changes the look of the room itself.
  2. Highlight the joint seams of finishing materials in a contrasting color.
  3. Lay out the floor with decorative stones.
  4. Refresh the color of the decor, install a mirror, hang hooks, handle with a “twist” in the design.

Thanks to the large selection of decorative materials on the market, any design can be realized. A few examples:

  1. The most straightforward design and economical option are PVC panels. This is durability, freedom of choice of colors, ease of installation, easy maintenance.
  2. Laying ceramic tiles. Durable tiles with different patterns will last a long time, focusing on themselves. The downside is that it is an expensive material. And laying tiles for a beginner is not the easiest option. It is recommended to spend once on the services of specialists applying ceramics so that the ceramic floor is perfect.
  3. Paint. Almost wholly forgotten bathroom decor. Quite a convenient option. Beautiful colors or their overflows will delight the eye for many years and will not fade. You can come up with an interior yourself and draw pictures. Paint there are disadvantages – it is advisable to make inserts of plastic or ceramics in places of possible contact with water. Paint (even moisture resistant) will not maintain its original color for a long time with prolonged contact with water (mold, calcified deposits).
  4. Decorative plaster. The leader in wall decoration. Such processing looks rich. You can create whole pictures. The downside is that if there is a desire to create a complex design, the services of a master will be required.
  5. Artificial stone. It is not often in the bathroom that there is an artificial stone wall decoration. But, despite this, he is excellent in the “bath” business. It can be combined with other materials, which gives the room its charm. But it should be borne in mind that such a wall is tough to repair if necessary in the future.
  6. Self-adhesive film. A meager price and a variety of designs are now making this product a leader among very budget options. It is elementary to care for, easy to apply to the surface, environmentally friendly. But, corresponding to the low cost, the material is very fragile. It is worth considering this.

To save the budget, some craftsmen purchase outwardly defective building materials (scratches, chips, scuffs) for invisible areas of the floor and walls at bargain prices. There are many such hidden “nooks” in the bathroom, which allows you to save a lot of money without prejudice to the design.

How to decorate a beautiful 5’x7′ bathroom

5’x7 ‘have their characteristics in general and in bathrooms in particular. These are small rooms, a combined bathroom, uneven walls. To avoid littering an already small space, they select furniture and plumbing with a bias towards minimalism. For the same purposes, it is advised to put a wall-hung toilet. For budget repairs, such finishing materials are selected that you can handle on your own while saving on the master.

After renovation, household items (towels, rugs, toothbrushes, etc.) will be added to the room. They will bring their own flavor. This will make the small bathroom visually overwhelming. It is best to use 1-2 colors for finishing. It will look stylish. Light shades will visually increase the space itself around. And drops that leave white streaks when dry are not so noticeable on a light background.

It is recommended to pay attention to the options for compact showers and baths. The so-called “wet baths” are very convenient to save space. An open shower stall will not clutter up the room with extra doors. For convenience, the drain is installed in the center of the room. The best option is to decorate everything with tiles without installing furniture and cabinets with doors in such a bath. How to place compact plumbing in a small bathroom

A wall-hung toilet is perfect for small rooms. It takes up less space, and visually the room becomes much more spacious. As for the bathrooms, there are bowls on a break. Such solutions free up space for a cabinet or sink. And, accordingly, you can already think over the location of additional pieces of furniture. If you need to remove the washing machine, the under-sink option is the best.

If you want to enlarge the room visually, you can change the lighting to point lighting and hang a mirror without a frame. This will make the bathroom look much lighter and more comfortable. Also, the bath itself can be replaced with a shower cabin with transparent doors.

Bathroom in a wooden house

Shower rooms are characterized by humidity and temperature fluctuations. This must be taken into account, especially in wooden housing. Essential points of interior planning:

  • waterproofing finish from mold;
  • ventilation for better air circulation:
  • quality drainage to avoid premature decay.

Even houses made of timber and wood sit down over time. Therefore, when installing water supply and sewerage pipes, it is worth considering their flexibility.

Suppose a cold climate characterizes the area to avoid freezing pipes. In that case, it is better to bury them in the ground to a depth of at least a meter. When laying plumbing in the house, so as not to damage the walls ahead of time, it is better to prefer plastic pipes, put rubber clamps on the fasteners, and install thermal insulation to avoid condensation.

The most important thing when thinking about the design of a future bathroom is the finishing material. Anyone can do it beautifully and efficiently. With a bit of effort, and daring ideas can be turned into reality.

In wooden houses, the interior is not complete without greenery. You can put in some flower pots for decoration, and the cold bathroom will come to life immediately.

For the interior decoration of the room itself, fragmentary ornament is often used. That is, one part of the bath, where the walls are most often in contact with moisture, is laid out with tiles, and the other is sheathed with wood. This allows you to combine different materials with parallel zoning of the room beautifully.

The choice of flooring is treated especially closely. The wood base is not very fond of static changes in weight in one place – so the risk of destruction increases significantly. It is pretty heavy when the bathroom is complete, so reinforced boards are installed under the legs.

Actual flooring materials:

  • tiles or mosaics (for a non-deformable base);
  • linoleum (only for chipboard or plywood);
  • impregnated wood or moisture-resistant laminate.

It is better to decorate the ceiling with a suspended one. It will create an additional moisture-proof cushion that protects the hardwood floors.

Halogen spotlights are often used to illuminate bathrooms. It is very convenient for them to zone the space, and all the wiring will hide under the stretch ceiling. You can install a sconce or a chandelier – they will add stylistic charm to the room.

If you have imagination and skillful hands, the bathroom will be an excellent decoration for your home. The main thing is not to be afraid of bold ideas, and everything will work out.

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