7 Steps to the Future: A College Student’s Guide

The transitive face for every student, from high school to college is a bit tricky as many drastic changes take place in life. The goals are replaced by the urge to earn more money since the definition of success has changed, and the career advice no longer means following one’s dreams and being happy.

College is not only a place where each and every student is taught how to work at the job, but it is that phase that teaches us important lessons about life. There are number of opportunities present in the world, so make sure that we can follow the goals. These pieces of career advice for every student will enable one to see through the difficulties faced in making decisions.

  1. Focus on the Core Strength

As the saying goes “Nobody is perfect” and nobody is fit enough for everything that comes their way either. There are going to be things that the others are exceptionally good at while someone is not. Rather than giving up, one should be aware of the fact that a few weaknesses are just an important ingredient for every successful person. It is not mandatory to excel at everything that comes along the way. Sometimes it is the mere fact that one has tried that matters the most. Rather than just getting disheartened, it always better to look at the brighter side of the coin.

It is difficult for students to come out into the real world after college life gets over. It is because going from a naughty youngster to a responsible person is a very quick turn, but all its need to do is to face the challenges. Failures and success are unavoidable, so the best advice is to focus on the core strength. And always stay determined to achieve the targets. Probably, this would be a smarter way.

  1. Stop Fearing Failure; Rather get Motivated by them

Stepping out from the shoes of a student and getting into the shoes of a nine-to-five employee is a rather a challenging job. In the beginning, one might end up choosing a wrong career. But, the advice is not to get dismantled, because these are the normal struggles of a beginner in the world. It is only through the mistakes that we learn the important things in life. This is not the biggest mistakes of life; there are many more to come. It is important to remember to get up again, and fix the mistakes that have been made. Mistakes are good, only if we have learned from them, and moved ahead as a more experienced and a smarter person. The biggest enemy of our dreams is our own fear. Let the fear go and then one will realize that he/she have an ocean of opportunities waiting for them. Pursue the dreams like a child follows the butterfly. It is a proven fact that if one gives his/her hundred percent, he/she cannot fail at it because it is the result of hard work and dedication. Just have the courage to believe in the dreams. Work hard and strive towards what seems surreal one day, one will surely find themself at a new height of success.

  1. Strive for Excellence! Success will follow You!

The norms of the world changes once the student steps out of the college. From a carefree little world where the people dreamt of being a lovable guitarist in a band, one comes to the stage where everybody speaks about their business in a serious way. In this business world, money becomes the first priority.

Today, success is defined by the car one is driving and the apartment one is living in. Rather than becoming one of these people striving hard to get success, strive to be excellent at whatever one can do. That is what a key advice which makes everyone of us successful in the real meaning of the world. Being the best in the particular field makes us the gem that everybody would want in their ring. Learn that success is not all about money; it is the independence that one can feel.

  1. Don’t let go of your Dreams

Dream like a small kid. There are many people, who will say that these dreams are unrealistic or too big to achieve, but remember what successful people say— “If others will not laugh at your dreams, then it is not big enough to worth working on.” So, one has to be passionate and ready to embrace their dreams.

  1. Have a vision

No matter what others call it – weird, stupid or lame; it is easy to live by the boring nine to five work schedule and then return to the apartment with no family waiting for the person. If one is dreaming of becoming a traveler, work on it. Plan for it. One of the helpful things for the rest of life is to have a vision.

  1. Pursue what you Love

One should have to use his/her interest as a tool to find the right career path. If someone loves writing, go and work for a firm which specializes in creative writing or something of their interest rather than doing the job at some big company.

  1. Don’t Wait for Opportunities, Create Them

Opportunities do not come over to us, we have to work hard and cease opportunities as they come by. Be motivated, because giving up is not an option; that is not something greatness inspires. Failures make us stronger and more experienced. After college, life may seem quite hectic, new and challenging, but remember if the caterpillar would not struggle to come out of the labyrinth; it would probably never become a butterfly.  Thus, never to let go of dreams, no matter how challenging times one may have to face.

What matters!

At the end of the journey, many of us will realize that life has never been about the number of cars we own and the kind of bungalow we live in. But, life is all about the experiences we all have had and the lessons we have learned. Because, at the end of the day, when we sit with our kids, we would not tell them about the number of projects we completed in the office, but about the adventures, we had in our life and the lessons we learned after failing at the things. Make the life worth it!

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