8 Best Live Crypto Apps for Crypto Exchanges
Crypto Apps

Finding the best crypto apps out there

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In this article, we’ll review the top crypto live apps supported by different cryptocurrency exchanges. We will focus primarily on the crypto exchanges that support a crypto app.

We’ll look into the features each mobile app offers as the crypto industry has grown to the point that customer convenience is a priority for every cryptocurrency exchange.

Most crypto exchanges nowadays support a crypto portfolio where you can check all your crypto holdings, a crypto portfolio tracker, a tab for crypto news, an option to use price alerts, a crypto tracker where you can sort digital currencies and crypto-assets based on market cap and trading volume while working with real-time market data. The opportunity to view price charts set alerts for price movements and others.

1. Binance

This is hands down the best crypto app in the world to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin cash or other digital assets. It offers low trading fees, convenience fee, supporting bank account and bank transfer.

This highly competitive crypto space among the popular exchanges is the best exchange to buy bitcoin, fiat currencies, and trade digital assets.

The app supports Lite and Pro versions, both free and very beginner-friendly to more advanced tools for traders and investors in cryptocurrencies.

Their cryptocurrency app is one of the best among the multiple exchanges apps out there, and you can find it on the App Store and Google Play.

2. Kraken

One of the best crypto exchanges out there is Kraken. Like Binance, it is appealing to traders as it offers the option to buy and sell cryptocurrency. It has the option to deposit with a debit card and set custom alerts to track your investment performance. It supports most fiat currencies and has home screen widgets that make the app even easier to use.

You can pick your favorite coins and start investing. It is appealing to advanced traders, too, as it offers a powerful price converter and the latest news about cryptocurrency prices.

3. Crypto.com

The third in our exchange rankings is crypto.com and its app.

They support cryptocurrency wallets that offer all kinds of digital currency as well as a terrific way to track your portfolio performance.

When it comes to trading the new asset – NFTs – this is the essential app. This is the most popular NFT trading platform, and if you’re into digital art investing, this will be the best exchange for you.

They offer crypto cards as well as depositing via credit or debit card.

4. Coinbase

Coinbase is another excellent app that allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies and keep a digital wallet on its platform. It supports most of the main features that the other cryptocurrency platforms support.

What makes them different from others is that they’re a publicly traded company – the first one ever to be a publicly traded cryptocurrency exchange that adds to the platform’s security as there’s a lot more transparency in managing the company.

They also support deposits in the crypto wallet address via QR code.

5. Robinhood

Another excellent app for exchanging cryptocurrency offers free trading, which no other app offers on the market. You can also buy and sell other financial instruments for free without any commission, making it a great trading platform for those of you who want to save a buck or two from fees.

Unfortunately, the crypto assets you purchase are not owned by you as everything goes in the portfolio of Robinhood. Also, with the recent GameStop scandal, you have to be extra cautious with how Robinhood might react to something happening in the markets. And these are the moments when you need the exchange you’re using to assist you, support you and helping you go through the bad times instead of causing additional trouble.

Also, it’s worth noting that for the moment – Robinhood is available only for US citizens. However, there are rumours that it soon might be available in Europe and other regions as well.

6. Gemini

Gemini offers access to a decent number of cryptocurrencies and the opportunity to use trading tools on a professional level. They’ve recently introduced a new feature called Gemini pay, that lets the customers use QR codes to make purchases in many physical stores.

Their fees are also manageable, around 1 percent, and with the Gemini Earn option, you can get paid interest for staking your coins. How much money you invest is up to you as the minimum account balance in Gemini is $0.

7. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most recognizable names in the online finance industry, and recently, they’ve added the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency. For now, you can’t pay merchants with crypto or send it to your friends, but for investors and traders – it gets the job done.

Unfortunately, the fees start at 50 cents and gradually increase to 1.5 percent depending on the amount you’re buying or selling, and that’s a bit on the higher end, which might turn off some traders.

8. Etoro

E-toro is another good option to buy crypto as it is a very convenient app, and supports the leading cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the choice the other cryptocurrency exchanges offer. Still, it offers access to numerous stocks and commodities, which might make it a good option for you as a trader or an investor.

Like Robinhood, you don’t own any of the cryptocurrencies you purchase, which might not be the best option in the long term. An advantage to using E-toro can be their social platform, which turns investing in a lot more social activity by creating the social media vibe that allows people to comment, follow, and copy the investments of traders/investors they like.

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