8 Reasons to Invest in Dental Assisting Training
Dental Assisting Training

The great debate continues. Is it best to pursue a four-year degree or attend a certificate program? The argument can be won in either direction.

In truth, there is only one right answer: what is best for you?

In the last 50 years, professional certification programs have risen substantially. They’re affordable; they don’t plunge you into enormous debt; they open the doors to rewarding careers upon completion.

If you’ve been thinking about dental assisting training, then you’re onto something spectacular. In this line of work, you’ll find stability, security, and plenty of room to grow.

Below, we’ll paint a picture of what life could look like if you chose this career path.

  1. You’ll Train Up Fast

Most dental assistant programs take about a year to complete. Some move even faster. Think about how much life can change in one, short year. This puts you on a great trajectory for growth and opportunity.

If you’re not interested in a four-year degree, then this is a wonderful trade-off. Monetarily speaking, if you can skate by for 10-12 months while you complete your coursework, then you’ll be on your way to a new life with a wealth of assurances.

  1. You’ll Be in Demand

Have you ever shrugged off dental insurance from an employer? A lot of us opt for medical insurance with no qualms while we consider dental insurance less pressing.

This is starting to change. Research continues to link oral health with overall health. We’re seeing connections between cardiovascular health, pregnancy, diabetes, and more.

As more people arrive at the conclusion that a bi-annual visit to the dentist is in their best interests, dental offices will continue to see a surge in their client database.

  1. You’ll Earn a Nice Living

Another benefit to enrolling in a dental assistant program is the fact that you’ll be able to earn a nice living post-graduation. According to the American Dental Assistants Association, the median salary in America is $36,520.

They posted a breakdown, state by state, of the median wage. If you’re open to moving, then you can set yourself up with a healthy paycheck.

When you consider you won’t have the same level of responsibility as a dentist or an oral hygienist, yet you’ll still be able to give back in a meaningful way, that’s a nice reward to bring home twice a month.

  1. You’ll Have Job Security

As long as you show up on time, work hard, and function well on a team, you should have job security in the bank. People always need dentists. And, as we said, people are waking up to the truth that they need to book those bi-annual visits.

Whether you remain in one office for your entire tenure or move once or twice, you’re still looking at a stable career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 7% growth rate for this career through 2029. (The average growth rate for all occupations is 4%.)

  1. You’ll Still Grow

Research the different programs out there like the UMA Dental Assistant training program. See what a typical program offering looks like, how much time it will take, and what sort of funding you’ll need.

Here’s the good news: it’ll all be worth it because you’re choosing a career with plenty of room to grow. With experience and training, a registered dental assistant can move on to a number of other positions. Here’s a sampling:

  • Office manager
  • Dental assisting instructor
  • Medical coder
  • Expanded duty dental assistant
  • Dental hygienist
  • Insurance claim processor

As you evolve in your role, new opportunities will arise. Some of them will come with a hefty rise in pay, too.

  1. You’ll Never Be Tied Down

Do you dread the idea of a stationary job behind the walls of a lifeless, gray cubicle? You won’t find that once you earn your dental assistant certification.

You’ll be on your feet all day long. You’ll also interact with new people every day and enjoy the acquaintance of a few regulars.

While doing so, you’ll handle charts, x-rays, assist with procedures, and more. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a dull day with nothing to do but sit around and listen to the clock tick.

  1. You’ll Enjoy a Steady Schedule

Are you coming out of another medical profession with difficult hours? If you’ve ever endured a night shift, then you’ll know the challenges it can bring.

Unlike hospitals and certain clinics, a dental office will offer a fairly regular 9-5 routine. There might be one or two nights where they stay open late.

Or perhaps they’ll offer limited Saturday hours. But, by and large, you’ll enjoy a steady schedule that doesn’t resemble the night of the living dead.

  1. You’ll Put People at Ease

Don’t you love it when you’ve talked someone off a proverbial ledge? It’s nice to be able to soothe people’s nerves when they’re starting to fray.

As we all know, frayed nerves are quite common in a dental chair. You’ll be in the perfect position to offer a reassuring smile to each patient, letting them know it’s almost over and it’s going to be okay.

Consider Dental Assisting Training

If you enjoy helping others live happy, healthy, and whole lives, then you should consider dental assisting training. With it, you’ll look forward to a stable career, a healthy living, and room for growth.

As you continue to pave your way through life, we invite you to keep coming back to visit our site. Our content is continually being updated, with your success in mind.

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