8 Things You Need to Know about Academic Scholarships in UAE
Academic Scholarships in UAE

Scholarship grants have a lot of rewarding benefits to students, no matter where they receive it. First on the list of benefits is lessening the financial burden. The cost of education continues to rise, and more and more parents are burdened with it. These educational grants give students the opportunity to enter college without thinking of the costs. It can also serve as an advantage to students because these grants can be considered accomplishments.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a great place to find opportunity when you want to pursue a college degree since there are a lot of private organizations as well as universities in the country that offer various types of scholarships that include paying for tuition fees, cost of living, and other expenses. In this write-up, we will take a look into some of the most important things you need to know about academic scholarships in UAE.

  1. Criteria for eligibility

Organizations have different criteria for eligibility for the academic scholarships they provide to students. Their scholarship programs also differ. Some scholarships may be offered to students who are interested in studying specific fields – business, engineering, or medicine – to name a few. Other scholarships may be offered based on academic excellence.

Some organizations choose scholars based on their financial needs or their potential as a leader in the future, while other organizations require their applicants to have a particular GPA. For other organizations, they only accept applicants who are citizens of a specific country.

Looking at the criteria per organization is important to save time as you don’t want to be applying at a certain organization that won’t even entertain you because you didn’t meet their criteria.

  1. How to Apply

The application process for academic scholarships in the country usually involves applying online by filling up a form, as well as submitting your supporting documents such as a letter of recommendation, a personal essay, and transcript of records.

When you’re applying for a scholarship, it is important to carefully read the application guidelines and follow them meticulously, because if your information is incomplete or you have missing documents, you can get disqualified and miss the opportunity to attend your dream school.

  1. Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is very important if we’re accomplishing something, and that includes handling your scholarship applications.  You’ll never know what the organization you’re applying to thinks about promptness. What if you don’t get on the list because one person just submitted minutes earlier than you?

Keep in mind that while some scholarships don’t have a set application deadline, others have, and you want to meet that set deadline. Make sure to check the website of the university or organization you’re applying to, to get the latest updates. Also, apply as soon as possible. This will increase your chances of getting the scholarship grant.

  1. The Benefits

Academic scholarships in the country as well as other locations offer a wide range of benefits, including tuition fee coverage, living expenses, and other accompanying costs. There are also other additional benefits, depending on the university or organization. Additional benefits may include internships, mentorship programs, or chances to be a participant of research projects.

As a scholarship grantee, you get to enjoy these benefits that can very much enhance your experience at the university. It can also open up opportunities that will help in personal as well as professional development.

  1. Scholarships for International Students

International students who want to study in the UAE can also apply for academic scholarships. Some universities and organizations in the country offer scholarships for both local and international students, while others offer scholarships specifically to international students.

How to choose the right school? For parents or international students, do your research and weigh your options carefully. Keep in mind that the eligibility criteria as well as the application process might differ for local and international students.

  1. Types of Scholarships

There are various types of academic scholarships in the UAE. There are merit-based scholarships, which are granted to students based on their academic achievements. There are need-based scholarships, which are granted to students based on their financial needs. And there are research scholarships, which are granted to students who want to finish their research-based degrees. This type of scholarship may also require the students to participate in research projects or complete a thesis.

  1. Renewability

Academic scholarships can be continuous, depending on the scholarship program or the organization offering it. Some organizations allow their scholars to renew their grants for multiple years, while others only offer one- year grants.

If you’re applying for a program or you’ve been granted one, remember to read the terms and conditions carefully. Make sure you understand the criteria for renewing your grant and make sure you meet the requirements for renewal.

  1. Scholarship Recipients’ Responsibilities

Any scholarship recipient has the responsibility to fulfill. If you’re a scholarship recipient, you should be aware of what those responsibilities are. Achieve what you’re expected of as a grantee, or better yet, exceed them. Recipients’ responsibilities may differ according to the program of the grantor. If recipients fail to meet their grantors’ expectations or their responsibilities, they may get disqualified from the program and lose their scholarship.

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