A New Era of Quality Education: NEP Aims High 

National Education Policy Transforming the Learning Experience.  

The NEP has revolutionised the education system by introducing a policy that focuses on quality for the very first time. Prasad Lolayekar, Director of DHE, spoke to SHWETA KAMAT about this monumental step that aims to elevate the educational system to greater heights. 

Lolayekar exuberantly spoke of the implementation of NEP in higher education, which consists of two parts – academic restructuring, overseen by Goa University, and research, innovation, and industry linkage, managed by them. 

The implementation of NEP on their side is already taking form through the State Research Foundation, the Unified Academic System, and a single scholarship portal. Students can now look forward to undergraduate degrees, lasting three to four years, which may lead to a degree ‘with Research’ or Honours. An exciting time for higher education! 

Lots of multidisciplinary options will be available before the students unlike now. 

For the first time, we’re discussing a policy that is centering around quality education. This policy is aimed at restructuring the academic and educational systems, as well as conducting research, innovation, and industry linkages. Education technology, online programs, vocational and skilled-based education, and faculty energising and upgrading are all part of the plan to bring the educational system to a new level of excellence.  

Our students are bombarded with information, and yet their knowledge remains limited. The quality of our education standards is inexorably linked to the depth of understanding our students possess. If we do not invest in developing their knowledge, then any amount of restructuring, research, or innovation is rendered moot. With the plethora of choices available to them, our students have the opportunity to truly cultivate their quality of learning.  

We owe a great debt of gratitude to NAAC for evaluating the quality of our education, and from the current grading system, it’s clear that we’re making steady progress. Our students possess the potential for greatness, with the only missing element being the chance to showcase their remarkable capabilities. So, let’s make sure we provide them with that opportunity. – said Lolayekar. 

Is it feasible to achieve this without improving the educational environment or teaching methods? 

NEP is determined to empower teachers with the best training. Each college will sport a training room to provide ongoing training that will keep teachers abreast with the latest technology and trends. This will be monitored through a centralised system at the state level. In addition to the training and development programs conducted by DHE and GU, colleges will have to ensure that faculty development is ongoing. This will benefit the students in the long run.

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