Academy of Information Technology – Transforming Creative Minds into the Industry’s Most Sought-After Graduates

The institute aims to train and educate students to be leaders of the future in the digital, creative and innovative technology industries

The Academy of Information Technology (AIT) was established in 1999. They offer higher education bachelors and diploma courses in 2D Animation, 3D Design, Digital Design, Film and Video, Mobile App Development and Games Programming/Design. Their courses are created to ensure that the students graduate with skills to help them land their dream job. They also host multiple industry events throughout the year that provide a great networking platform for students and industry to connect and interact.

AIT was the first in Australia to offer courses in motion capture technology and has the latest marker less motion capture system installed in its Sydney campus.

State-of-the-art Campus

AIT has a vibrant learning environment both inside and outside the campus that is centered on creativity and open space. They have a friendly and multicultural environment that make the students feel at home on campus and gives them the freedom to develop their creative skills.

About the Dean of AIT

Peter Cameron is the Academic Dean of Studies of the institute. He has multiple years of experience in education and the creative technology space. He is also the Divisional Dean of Studies in Redhill Education. Prior he has also worked as a Program Director and IT Manager at Raffles College of Design and Commerce.

Accomplished Alumni

AIT has produced many graduates who have been very successful in different walks of life. Some of the notable alumni include Alex Holder, who is a 2017 graduate. He is now working as a teacher’s assistant, and has formed his own business (BigFoot DS) and launched his very own VR games into the market. Joshua Dickinson, who graduated in 2014, is now a full-time graphic designer working for AIT as part of the design and marketing team. Roan Sajko is a 2017 graduate. He has been working with the University of Notre Dame on a documentary about its immersive learning program and their collaboration with a local school and the young students.

Promoting a Hands-on Environment

From the very beginning, the students work in a practical environment. Regardless of the course, they’re studying – from coding to filming, designing to animating – they are exposed to the industry-standard software and programs. This is to help them establish and develop the skills throughout the course of their study.

During their final semester, the students work on their final major projects. Throughout the course of the semester, they present their work and campaigns to teachers/mentors before eventually presenting a panel of industry specialists who assess their work and provide valuable feedback to the students.

Providing Practical Business Experiences

The institute imparts knowledge to the students related to essential project management methods, marketing skills and business frameworks to ensure they know how to prepare and present their portfolio of works to the market. AIT aims for all students to be job ready through professional development workshops and industry networking opportunities.

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

AIT provides two types scholarships to its students:

initiAIT Scholarship – This scholarship is for new undergraduate domestic students. They receive 50% off their tuition fees for the first term and last term of their 3-year bachelor’s degree.

Creative Minds Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to existing domestic and international students. Under this scholarship, the students have to pay 50% less in their next term’s tuition fees.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

The institute has a very successful industry internship program – activAIT – where their dedicated industry liaison manager assists the talented students with internships and job placement over the course of their studies.

“Words of Trust”

“During this time I’ve been able to learn so much from the teachers and mentors here. My greatest achievement to date was being part of the 2017 AIT Oscars where my project won the Best Documentary. I love filmmaking, and the art of cinematography itself. AIT has helped me a lot during my studies in filmmaking.” – Tonia Rifanni, Bachelor of Interactive Media – Film & Video

“Entering AIT to study the Bachelor of Digital Design was the best choice I made towards my career development. Every semester is full of creative subjects and excellent mentors.” – Louise Casagrande, Bachelor of Digital Design.

“What I enjoyed most about my time at AIT is the close-knit community, range of different classes and friendly teachers. Everyone’s always helping each other out on their creative projects and being supportive of each other comes naturally to most of the students. I’ve met friends at the school who I know I will definitely work with me in the future.”-  Nicole Louise, Bachelor of Interactive Media – 2D Animation

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