ACTS of Performing Arts: Guiding Students to Master their Craft
ACTS of Performing Arts

Art, as a form of self-expression, plays a vital role in our society. It helps us to connect with ourselves and allows us to make a personal statement to express our emotions. For children, art plays a crucial role in their holistic development. It helps them to be creative and keeps their curiosity ignited.

However, a few children show talent at an early age in art which, if supplemented with training and guidance, can result in a flourishing career in the art industry. Though there are many schools that promise to deliver quality education in the respective art domains, we, at the Knowledge Review, believe only a few schools can provide the exceptional quality of education as ACTS of Performing Arts (ACTS).

With a vision to allow children to blossom and express themselves, ACTS has set a benchmark for quality education in the Malaysian education landscape.

Expressions to Express

Established in 2001, ACTS has been built in Damansara Heights which currently acts as headquarters for its sister branch in Cheras. Under these roofs, the school provides a comprehensive range of delightful art forms such as:


Dance forms contain a range of expressions such as:

Classical Ballet which follows the graded syllabi of the Royal Academy of Dance London (RAD) and CSTD (Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing, Australia). In these classes, teachers train students indulgently by providing simple exercise to improve muscle memory and core stability. Teachers help students understand ways to improve their dance technicality and bring emotions to movements that elevates overall skills. The ballet instructors are qualified and hold teaching diplomas from prestigious universities in England and Australia.

JAZZ is another dance form where students are taught the CSTD modern jazz syllabus that comprises dance styles of Funk, Groove, Hip Hop, Broadway, and Latin. ACTS provides an ample amount of performing and competition opportunities that further boost confidence, coordination and sense of rhythm amongst students. At the same time, students are exposed to the Broadway styles that help them in the exams, competition and performing attributes.

Alongside the above, ACTS also provides Contemporary Dance which comprises creative and expressive movements that challenge dancers to think ‘out of the box’. These classes also

enhance strong technical skills such as floor work where students are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively.


ACTS has a range of classes namely: Piano, where students are groomed to take the graded examinations of the ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London) and are delivered on a one-to-one basis; Drums, where students are taught following the Rockschool syllabus which is accredited throughout the UK where the Graded Music Exams, Diplomas, and Vocational Qualification are renowned for their practicality, flexibility and creativity; Guitar and Ukulele, which helps students learn to strum and pluck along their favorite acoustic music and are graded through ABRSM and Trinity College of London; Vocals, this classes help the students to improve their tone and are groomed to take graded examinations of Trinity College of London.


In this course, students are exposed to an extensive range of drawing techniques and craftwork to keep their fingers nimble. This course allows children to unleash their creativity and provides a thriving platform to generate their masterpieces.


ACTS drama classes introduce students to the world of acting. Here, students are taught theatre games to encourage facial and body expressions. This course also provides them with opportunities to perform and helps them to exhibit their skills confidently.


This course allows students to immerse themselves in the literary world of English. It helps them explore the varied genres of the language and gears them for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education and the General Certificate of Education papers.

Leading the Stage

Standing at the helm of ACTS and leading it towards a brighter future is none other than its Founder and Principal, Ms. Angeline Yew. With over 20 years of experience, Ms. Yew is a veteran, determined to uplift the Art education environment in Malaysia.

Ms. Yew holds an honors degree in English Literature (University Malaya). Being a scholar since childhood she went to pursue an Associate in the teaching of Music from Trinity College of Music and Associates in the teaching of Cecchetti and Classical Ballet from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. Her unquenchable thirst for learning various dance forms further led her to pursue a post-graduate diploma from the London College of Dance, Bedford.

During her stay in England, Ms. Yew delivered dance classes at a school in Luton as part of my her course requirements to have practical training, and also performed at the Bowen-West Community Theatre. She was sponsored by her college to take additional dance classes in London and was the only college recipient of the sponsorship.

She spent her Sundays as a church pianist in the Bedford neighborhood Methodist Church and honed her teaching skills while working for renowned composer Ms. Valerie Ross. After returning to her motherland, with a passion to transform the Art education landscape in Malaysia, Ms. Yew laid the foundation of ACTS.

Students Leaving their Mark

ACTS understands that students need outlets where they can show their work and express themselves. Hence, the school has taken initiatives to organize events locally through various fundraising and charities and encourages its students to actively participate in global events.

ACTS’ Nutcracker event, a dance and presentation charity, provides a platform that boosts the confidence of students and learning experience.

In 2012, the students of the school brought a pride moment to Malaysia as they emerged from podium finishing in the Jazz and Lyrical Dance categories at the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) Perth competition. Its students Delphine Lim and Alexandra Tan were honorary award winners in ballet and jazz in Bangkok.

ACTS contemporary dance students rose victorious in the first competition in the Thriller Live Flashmob Contest. The girls won the Champion Prize for Audience Choice Award where they received a personal dance workshop with the cast of the Thriller Live Musical from London’s West End and free tickets to watch the musical.

A few of ACTS’ most notable alumni include Amelia Henderson, a famous actress in Malaysia, who clinched the Betty Tilly Championship Cup CSTD 2nd spot, held in Manila, 2013.

Another graduate of ACTS who is prolific in dance and exercise is Gabrielle van de Elst who is currently teaching e-classes for ACTS from Sydney. Gabrielle went on to study Ballet in Perth

Modern Dance led by Ms Dawn Weller and was accepted into the Western Australia of Performing Arts Institute dance Degree programme which has very limited places for dance enthusiasts all over the world.

Choreographing the next Steps

ACTS aims to continuously provide quality education in Art education. The school aims to expand its reach in the future by developing more campuses. It also desires to add more categories of classes and inculcate new methodologies of tutoring its students for the diverse spectrum of courses.

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