Aditya Timpack: A Renowned Packaging Hub

The packaging industry is an integrated marketing strategy, which is used to glamorize a product in order to attract the right consumer’s attention. Many consumers will judge a product by its packaging before buying it, so creating compelling and alluring wrapping will intrigue first-time buyers.

Due to evolving consumerism and globalization, this packaging sector is adjusting by adopting technology to meet the market’s strong demands. The supply in the packaging industry is difficult as it has to preserve the knowledge of the environment and various consumer mindsets. There are also latest trends in the packaging industry, which are focused on green and corrugated packaging. Consequently, this makes the packaging industry in India a rapidly growing one with thriving momentum in the manufacturing sectors of e-commerce, processed food, FMCG, and FIBC Bag. One such firm, which is dominating the said industry with the mission and vision to deliver the most cost-effective and best-in-class packaging alternatives is Aditya Timpack Pvt. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) bags. It is an export house acknowledged by ISO 9001–2015, HACCP accredited firm and private sector.  It was founded in 2015 and is located in Bilimora, Gujarat.

The name Aditya Group is a family business that has been involved for many years in the wooden pallets, plywood, real estate, and chemical industries. Aditya Group has extended its company in the FIBC bag manufacturing sector as Aditya Timpack, supplying a wide variety of packaging alternatives including laminated bags, polypropylene bags, PP woven FIBC, and more. Its FIBC and PP woven sacks and palates serve multiple sectors including fertilizer, cement, sand, food grains, sugar, minerals, resin, polymers, rubber, and many more. The business seeks to achieve customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and an adaptable operating atmosphere. It sells FIBC packages to different nations and due to its quality, it has reached success heights in no time.

An Adroit CEO

A diligent and talented personality and a visionary figure, Pursottam Patel is the Founder and CEO of Aditya Timpack. He was born in 1976 in the rural area of Kutch. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and after continuing his education, he began researching the universe of entrepreneurship as he joined his family business in 1999. His family has always been very supportive and has played a major role in fulfilling his dreams. Embarking on a journey in his career with this first move Aditya Timbers, he has participated actively towards the growth of the firm. Under his leadership, the business is burgeoning and is attaining fresh objectives effectively.

Aditya Timbers is currently on the path of its success and growth. Pursottam Patels aspirations and hardworking nature from his adolescence have led him to join the fresh business sector, which is the fresh Jumbo Bags plant. In 2015, he launched a fresh Jumbo Bag Export Unit, “Aditya Timpack Private Limited (ATPL)” in Bilimora.

The aspiring and meticulous personality of Pursottam Patel has helped him to achieve his dreams. It has led his way into a fresh company sector by taking tiny measures and having qualities of patience, challenging work, and dedication. Over the years, Pursottam Patel has learned that nothing works better than honesty in providing superior value and gaining consumer confidence.

Customer-Oriented Services

Aditya Timpack operates with a powerful motto of meeting global norms in order to maintain business situations and grow above all rivals. It has an ideal mix of technology and skilled manpower that provides a wide variety of FIBC packages. Some of these pockets are 2-loop, conical, baffled liner, cross-corner, stabilized shapes, tunnel loop, ventilated, and U+ 2 boards. The firm can be called out as an outstanding service provider in its industry as it has been counting on the export item with outstanding performance since its inception. It has the utmost knowledge and persistence when it comes to operating its products in order to increase its reach in the global industry.

The business has successfully evolved over a previous couple of years. It has accomplished tremendous documents in the transaction unit over the years. It had revenues of

Aditya timpack pvt. Ltd. Sales Figure
Year fig in cr.
1 2015-16 7.41 cr.
2 2016-17 27.52 cr.
3 2017-18 39.67 cr.
4 2018-19 65.30 cr.


With such huge figures, it has laid a goal for the year 2019-2020 for about 100 crores rupees.

The firm follows the old saying in Hindi “Jo Dikhta Hai WohBikta Hai” and believes that the 1st impression of any product is packaging.

The firms have the following core values through, which it delivers robust packaging solutions:

  • Supplying the best quality product at reasonable rates
  • Providing product of zero defect with full effect
  • Providing on-time delivery/fast delivery to the clients
  • Prompt response support team

The Sound Infrastructure

With state-of-the-art infrastructure at Valoti, Gandevi, Billimora, Gujarat, India, the firm is located in a developed area with all the facilities like easy access to raw materials, labors, and transportation system. The manufacturing unit is well-equipped with latest machinery and a laboratory to perform the test on raw materials. Sound infrastructural facilities enable the corporation to meet orders promptly without any delays. Some of the distinct highlights of the firms’ infrastructure are:


Production of 10,000 kgs per day of Polypropylene tapes of various weights and strengths.

Lifting Belt (Webbing)

Production of 1.5 cms to 10 cms width and 30,000 meters of webbing/day.

PE Liner (Co-Extruder Liner)

Production of 25,000 meters of liners per day.

4-Color Printing

A flexographic printing facility where printing takes place up to four colors on all four sides of the bag. The firm also provides BOPP printing on FIBCs as per customer requirement.

Circular Looms

Circular loom from 6-shuttle to 8-shuttle looms, which produces 48 cms tube to 210 cms tube and 15,000 Meter per day.


A lamination plan, which can produce from 2 meters to 4 meters and thickness based on customer’s requirements. Lamination up to 50,000 meters per day.

Preparatory / Cutting

Diverse types of cutting like heat cutting, cold cutting, heat seal cutting, and ultrasonic cutting.

Bag Finishing

Production of 7,000 bags per day with stitching patterns like Heracle plus safety, chain stitch, and lock stitch.

Clean Room Facility

Aditya Timpack produces FIBCs from its state-of-the-art cleanroom facility to fulfill stringent customer requirements. The facility is well integrated from fabric stage to packing with highly maintained hygienic conditions, which adheres to global standards such as AIB, BRC-IOP, ISO 22000, etc.

Awards, Accolades, and Recognitions

For its excellent contribution to the packaging sector, the firm has been bestowed with the following recognitions:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certificate
  • A.C.C.P certificate
  • All India Achievers Foundation Award
  • International Achievers Conference Award
  • One Star Export House
  • Gujarat Laboratory Certified
  • Cotecna Test Certificate of FIBC
  • Nominated for Vivrant Gujrat 2015

The business plays a crucial role in the sector by procuring a bulk quantity of raw material and generating high rates of employment in rural areas. It is helping the industry with an environment-friendly product, easy to handle movement, foreign revenue, and pollution control. The firm revealed its secret mantra by stating, “We help the small clients by accepting their orders in small quantities as small seeds grow to become a huge tree”.

Future Aperture

Within the evolving packaging industry, Aditya Timpack has grown extremely and has placed a benchmark on the worldwide industry. The group is very faithful and dedicated to its clients and can go lengthy ways in maintaining its standards in the international business environment. The company’s future seems bright as it seeks to accomplish its upcoming objectives with exceptional approaches. The firm states, “ATPL believes in continual development and exploration of new FIBC product category as exploration of new markets is must to sustain. So, we see our future very bright in this sector”.

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