Aiswarya Sivanesh: An Exceptional Educator with a Zeal to Uphold Education and Constant Learning
Aiswarya Sivanesh
Aiswarya Sivanesh

Perseverance, dedication, compassion, and a never-give up attitude are the ingredients that characterize an impactful woman who possesses the capability of changing the face of the education industry. Eminent female educational leaders deliver their best to uphold education and nurture students from the core. They are focused on the overall development of the students while building a doorway to academic and career excellence.

A renowned educational leader driven to bring out the best in every student is the one and only Mrs. Aiswarya Sivanesh, the Co-Founder of Tango Academy of India. She has always ensured that the students learn thoroughly and explore their potential through her dedicated endeavors. The Knowledge Review, we got an opportunity to sit down and interview Mrs. Aiswarya and learn more about her impressive journey throughout the

education industry. Following are the highlights of interview:

Please tell us about your journey throughout the education sector right from the beginning of your career.

By 2017, we started Tango Academy of India, just by the name TANGO where we started a summer camp for kids during holidays. Later, we taught kids about Art, Crafts, Yoga, and Languages regularly. Now, we train kids with various courses, including Abacus Online Tutoring. We also home school children.

What inspired you to step into the education industry? Who were your role models growing up?

When I understood the term “Ladder” – a teacher is called a ladder because she is selfless in making her students climb up and unlock the door called opportunity. Such a teacher can educate the child with values and morals that even a parent or a family member can’t give. As education is the key to wisdom, I became an educationist.

My role model is my first ever teacher, my mom, who taught me about different things right from the day of my birth. Again, the most inspiring story was about Dr. Radha Krishnan

and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam former Presidents of our country who remained humble teachers throughout their lifetimes and earned the love of lakhs of students.

Tell us about your esteemed institute’s mission, vision, and core values.

Mission: As every parent wishes to give their child the right education of their choice, Tango Academy of India insists on planting a tree. While they grow up with their education, we follow the same through Tango Greenage program.

Vision: To empower Tango Academy of India to be a prestigious and highly established forum on Art, Values, Science, and Cultural Learning Worldwide.

Core Values: We teach our students the values of nature where they are expected to be courteous and give back the right things to mother earth.

What are the priorities of your institute in terms of course objectives and learning outcomes?

We emphasize nurturing the child to be a good human by heart and mind. Eventually, we prepare them to attain excellence in a domain of their choice.

Kindly share your views regarding interactive, online educational content and how it is redefining the ways we learn.

Interactive, online education is the new trend where we meet a child/student in the virtual platform and build face-to-face communication. As we wish, this way of learning should happen efficiently, so we build small batches to enhance learning efficiency.

What are the biggest challenges and struggles faced by educators in general?

Lack of enthusiasm in teaching. An educator/teacher/tutor should be very creative, glad, and innovative to meet the little brains to provoke the future leaders of our country.

Education is considered a tool of empowerment. What efforts do you and the institution take to ensure that education is provided to those who need it?

We strictly follow the charitable laws where we share the profits made each month and help the child/student who needs education by funding them.

Kindly mention any of your awards, accolades, and accreditations.

Tango Academy of India is recognised with MoMSME registration.

We were nominated for KWA Awards in Karnataka in the year 2021. We are nominated for the AEA and India Prime Awards 2022.

Tango Greenage’s achievement – A Mass Drive on Sowing 10,000+ palm seeds near Virudhunagar Mettugundu village in Oct 2021 at Tamil Nadu was documented in renowned state newspapers and news channels like News7, Polymer TV, Smart TV, and Vasanth TV.

What advice would you like to give to those who want to step into the field of education?

An Educationist/Trainer/Teacher should be cheerful with the students forgetting their age and giving their best. Also, they should be an instrument/role model in cultivating humanity and patriotism to serve our nation.

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