Al-Wadi International School: The Pinnacle of Middle Eastern Excellence
Al-Wadi International School

The Middle East has experience developments and transformations in the field of education in recent years. Several countries in the region have been actively working to revolutionize their education systems to meet the challenges of the 21st century and improve the quality of education for their citizens.

Many of these countries have recognized the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in driving innovation and economic growth. Governments and educational institutions have been investing in infrastructure, curriculum development, and teacher training to enhance STEM education and encourage students to pursue careers in these fields.

These countries are attracting international faculty and students, investing in research and development, and offering scholarships and grants to support higher education. This expansion aims to nurture a skilled workforce and reduce dependence on foreign expertise.

The Middle East has seen rapid growth in online and distance learning platforms. With advancements in technology and internet connectivity, e-learning has become more accessible, especially in remote areas. Many universities and educational organizations offer online courses, webinars, and digital resources, providing flexible learning opportunities to students and professionals.

Al-Wadi International School has been the testimony of this growth in the two and half decades. Al-Wadi started 25 years ago, in 1998. It started with a team of four members only, but the team had ONE dream, ONE vision, and that was not just to build a school, but rather a family, to create Al-Wadi family. Over the years, the team expanded from four members to hundreds and hundreds of staff members. It was a challenging journey and still is; however, the team of Al-Wadi is always working day and night without experiencing discomfort because of the passion they have. Al-Wadi started its journey with less than 100 students and grew to around 2000 students within five years of inception.

Prioritizing Moral Values

The school aimed to provide pupils with the best quality of education; however, that was not the only aim: the faculty was determined to teach students about life, morals, and the world to raise human beings who are weaponed with the finest education and the highest morals. And the school is fascinated to watch its students be there for years and years till they finally graduate and then visit the school as doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants, leaders, etc. When students meet the faculty after their graduation, they usually say that they had the best time of their lives when they were in school.

AIS aims to develop individuals who are positive thinkers and good communicators to prepare its students to face challenges with courage and confidence. Its motto is to develop individuals who are informed decision-makers and lifelong learners, thinking beyond the boundaries of language, race, and region. It aims to make them understand the value of honesty and integrity of character.

Al-Wadi Family

‘A person’, in the singular form, is not in Al-Wadi’s dictionary. Al-Wadi’s success is the work of thousands of people. Teachers, students, and staff members are all those who contribute to Al- Wadi’s success, and they are the main reason for reaching where it is today.

In Al-Wadi, every person is treated with equal respect and admiration. There is a deep sense of reverence for all individuals, regardless of their background, beliefs, or social status. This unwavering commitment to fairness and equality is what makes Al-Wadi such a special place where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

From a long-time staff to a newcomer to the community, everyone can expect to be treated with the utmost kindness and fairness in Al-Wadi. It’s a truly remarkable place that embodies the best of human values and virtues. A successful organization is built on the happiness and well-being of its staff. Their hard work, and devotion have been the driving force behind the school’s triumphs.

The principal, Mrs. Horreya Lamloum, expresses her gratitude to the team that works tirelessly behind the scenes to support, guide, and advise others. They may not always be in the public eye, but their contributions are essential to the success of Al-Wadi.

Improving Educational Access

Education is a crucial aspect that can uplift the Middle East region. Providing quality education can bring positive changes in the lives of individuals and communities. It can help reduce poverty, increase economic growth, and promote social development.

The Middle East has made significant progress in improving access to education in recent years, but much work still needs to be done. Al-Wadi believes in investing in education, to empower the youth and build a better future for the world.

Testament to Professionalism

Al Wadi staff have access to engaging and effective workshops through Partner School Global Network offered by the British Council. The school staff at the institution takes professional development very seriously. They are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve their teaching skills and enhance the learning experience of their students. That is why Al-Wadi is the centre of multiple international examination boards (Cambridge, Pearson and Oxford). Furthermore, various high school staff members are certified examiners.

Adapting to the Unprecedented Changes

The most challenging time for the school, like most schools, was during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a time of uncertainty and fear, and the school had to adapt quickly to a new way of learning. There were technical difficulties, and some students needed help to stay motivated. Still, the school, with the help of the staff, pulled it through and made the best of the situation. While it was impossible to replicate the actual classroom experience, the school mastered the online classes by using various teaching techniques and strategies that engaged its learners during the virtual classes. It was a learning experience for everyone associated with the school.

Well-Rounded Education

Al-Wadi knows that a well-rounded education includes extracurricular activities because they provide learners with the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in a practical setting and serve as a means of reinforcing classroom lessons, and that is why Al-Wadi has plenty of extra-curricular activities such as debates, sports tournaments, reading clubs, TED talks and much more.

Further to the extra-curricular activities, Al-Wadi students took part in competitions held by the British Council, such as ‘Your World Competition,’ where Al-Wadi won First place all over KSA for two consecutive years.

Striving for Bigger Dreams

Like any inspirational school leader, Mrs.Horreya Lamloum always offers the best pieces of advice to her students. “Dream big and work hard – I advise my students to always dream, but before dreaming, they need to know themselves first and they need to be aware of their weaknesses; they must also know how to overcome these weaknesses. I firmly believe that with a strong determination, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. The phrase “too hard” should not even be in our vocabulary. With hard work and perseverance, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. Even if you ever fall, my dear students, get up again… get up again fast. Fight and be tenacious till you reach your goal, and once your dream has come true, the happiness you’ll feel is second to none. But remember that just because your dream has come true, you can’t stop. Don’t stop… seek a new dream. My dear students, keep dreaming… keep working.”

Raising More Leaders

Al-Wadi aims to reach every part of the world. Al-Wadi raises children, which is why it is carried in the hearts of the graduates, and the graduates are everywhere – doing good and changing the world. This is how Mrs.Horreya Lamloum envisions the future of Al-Wadi: to continue to raise more and more leaders every year.

Al-Wadi envisions being a school where diversity and inclusivity are at the forefront. Overall, the future of the school looks bright, and everyone is excited to be a part of it.

Lastly, Mrs.Horreya Lamloum believes that all of this would’ve never happened without the all-mighty Allah (SWT), who has blessed her with the health and wisdom and the best staff to run and administer Al-Wadi International School.

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