American Business & Technology University: Offering an Engaging and Affordable E-learning Platform
American Business & Technology University- The knowledge review

American Business & Technology University (ABTU) provides one of the most interactive distance education models in the industry while being among the most affordable ones. ABTU emphasizes on delivering an online learning experience which is at par with that of a traditional classroom and no less.

American Business & Technology University (ABTU) is one of the rarest and the most valuable institutions in distance education today. ABTU delivers undoubtedly the most effective e-learning platform by offering students the best of traditional teaching methods while integrating modern techniques and flexible program structure.

Additionally, writing skills and online communication skills are introduced on day one and reinforced in every course as students are guided through the writing of their LinkedIn profile, instructed to create and revise their resume, involved in discussions, and reflect upon how each course will help them achieve their professional goals. To continuously improve their programs, ABTU regularly collects and implements feedback from program advisory councils and industry experts.

Accreditations and Accolades

ABTU is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). ABTU is also approved to operate by the Missouri Department of Higher Education and is Missouri’s first accredited online institution. Additionally, ABTU has been granted approval to participate in Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, and Title IV Federal Student Aid.

ABTU was named as the Best Value School in 2016 and 2017 by University Research & Review and is a Military Friendly School since 2010. Moreover, it was recently named as an approved Service Member Opportunity College in 2017.

Offering Unique Programs and Services

Grounded in its roots as a technical college, ABTU offers programs in the areas of growth and employability to allow graduates the opportunity to be successful. Programs are offered at the undergraduate, graduate, non-degree certificate, and vocational levels in the areas of Business, Healthcare, and Information Technology.

ABTU has always ventured to deliver an educational experience superior to that of a traditional classroom utilizing the latest audio/video streaming communication technology. By doing so ABTU keeps the lines of communication open with students through weekly live class sessions, instructor office hours, and consistent advising calls.

ABTU’s flexible program structure allows students to assemble credits in their area of study while earning their degree without wasting time, money, elective courses, or transfer credits.  As students begin their program, they first earn a Certificate (after 9 months), then gain a Technical Certificate (after 1 year), followed by an Associate’s degree (after 2 years), and then a Bachelor’s degree (after 4 years). Students can also personalize their program by selecting specific skill concentrations or completing any one credential level which meets their goal.

ABTU is unrivaled in responsiveness to student feedback. Feedback is consistently used to improve the processes in every facet of the institution including: course design, course development, student advising, content delivery, teaching, reporting, and support. Often, student recommendations are implemented immediately to improve the student experience, and quality of the course.

A Solemn Undertaking

American Business & Technology University is committed to providing quality, affordable, relevant, and interactive distance learning opportunities. The University’s programs focus on the knowledge and skills necessary to help our students enhance their professional development, advancement, and personal lives.

To accomplish this ABTU recruits experts in respective field from all over the U.S, evaluates them through a rigorous hiring process, trains them through an interactive course, and holds them to incredibly high standards through a teaching evaluation program unlike any other. The result is a collaborative team of industry experts transformed into skilled online educators who are not bogged down with research obligations, but instead are held accountable for the quality of the student experience they deliver.

Marvelous Mentors

Founded by their father in 2001, ABTU is now led by Lute & Ramsey Atieh in their hometown of Saint Joseph, Missouri.

Lute Atieh joined the university in 2008 and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Lute developed early models of ABTU’s virtual classroom, building a platform for the student experience which is continuously improved upon today. Pioneering low-cost initiatives has allowed over 95% of students to attend ABTU without opting for student loans in recent years; an accomplishment unprecedented in ABTU’s history and practically unheard of in online higher education.

Ramsey Atieh joined the family efforts in 2010 and currently serves as the University President. Ramsey is primarily focused on upgrading the university’s information systems, and learning management systems to better engage and retain learners. Recently leading the redesign of ABTU’s programs, he introduced a flexible program structure allowing students elasticity throughout their program.  Increasing the student’s ability to specialize in their skills and earn valuable credentials along the way to their degree.

Latest Endeavors

Meeting adult learners’ needs with high quality, interactive teaching and training will continue to be the focus of ABTU as they charge forward launching new programs in areas of economic and employment growth. Recently launched short-term certificate and vocational training programs provide adult learners the opportunity to train for a specific employment area and prepare for an industry certification in less than a year. These new programs offer training in healthcare specialties such as billing and coding, electronic health records, medical administrative assisting; as well as business, and information technology specialties such as project management, human resources, accounting, network administration, and server configuration. All of which aligns with industry certifications offered by Microsoft, CompTIA, Project Management Institute, QuickBooks, National Healthcareer Association, American Medical Certification Association and the American Health Information Management Association.

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