American Lyceum International School (ALIS): Cultivating the Crop of Enlightened Leaders

“The first five years have so much to do with how the next eighty turn out!”-Bill Gates

A child’s first years of school are filled with many incredible moments. This is the time of tremendous social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development; and this period can come and go at a quick pace. The skills learned at this stage may seem simple, but they will set your child up for a lifetime of learning. Pre-schooling may look like all fun and games, but there’s an intense amount of brainwork going on during this time in a child’s life.

American Lyceum International School (ALIS), an ISO certified school is an entity incorporated in the State of Washington, USA. Instituted by Engr. C.M. Nadeem Qadri and Mrs. Tahira Nasreen in the year 1984, ALIS has achieved many milestones and has become the name of trust, pride and performance over the decades. Currently, ALIS has thirty five branches, with the number continuously increasing. It lays emphasis on quality than on quantity. The school is educating its pupils for life, with this aim at heart the school believes “Our job is to polish and multiple the God-gifted skills and talent of students.”

With its passionate aim and zeal, ALIS has proudly secured the European Quality Award for the Year 2017. The growing number of branches and European Quality Award are the clear manifestation of the trust the parents of twelve different nationalities have on the school. ALIS is affiliated with different accreditation bodies including the University of Cambridge. The local affiliations are also in the basket to cater the area-specific needs.

In the year 2018, the school has launched the E-School project with the vision to educate everyone on this planet.  The first version of E-School has already been launched and is available on google play store.

The school is proud of its numerous alumni that are working in different fields as professionals, such as Doctors, Engineers, Pilots, Soldiers, Educationist. A couple of noticeable students are Hannan Muneeb who recently got 98% marks in 10th standard session 2017-2018  and got 100% scholarship; and Ahsan got a straight As in Cambridge International  O levels Examination and got 100 % scholarship.

Thought Leader and Guide of ALIS

Tahir N. Qadri, is the CEO of American Lyceum International School. He is the Executive Member, Centre Council, Institute of Engineers’ Pakistan and the Ex- Vice Chairman, Institute of Engineers’ Pakistan. He was honoured with the “Best Performance Award-2016” by Institute of Engineers, Pakistan and the much exalted “Hero of Pakistan” award was bestowed upon him in the year 2018.

Tahir graduated from G.I.K Institute, and completed his specialization in Educational Leadership from Cambridge University, UK. He has served as the key note speaker at various international conferences. His vision is “Education for All and no child left behind.”  In order to pursue his mission he has initiated the E-School project. He works towards a noble mission in life to enable primary and secondary greatness in people, to attain this feat he has been involved in school leadership development. He has been involved in developing and evaluating efficient management system for organizations particularly schools, and has vast experience in the arena.

Under his leadership and joint efforts of his team, the school has progressed and the quality of the education has increased too many folds. He has spoken on many national and international forums. Tahir is considered to be an authority on the Covey’s mode of leadership, Whole Brain and digital learning.  He lays stress on incorporation of innovation and technology in the education system and actively integrates technology options to realize the vision and mission.

Under his leadership the school has introduced scholarships and insurance for students, to fulfil their educational needs.

About The Educational Methodology

American Lyceum International School facilitates children to experience the joy of learning. It follows EYFS (Early Year Foundation System) for preschool and Cambridge Curriculum for higher classes, which are wildly used international frameworks for early childhood education and secondary education in the USA and UK. It offers an activity based study, aligned with the EYFS principles. The school has taken the initiative to introduce the STEAM education.

Teachers create a dynamic interactive learning environment that encourages each child to reason, cooperate, collaborate, and understand.  At ALIS new innovations in education is always welcome.

The Whole Brain Teaching (WBT), a grass root educational reform movement has attracted an amazing number of educators across the USA and is being used in 30 foreign countries. American Lyceum has joined the WBT, to transform its students from passive receivers of information to dynamic creators of high energy learners.


By realizing the fact that education is not equally accessible to the physically challenged person, people living in remote areas, super genius, slow learner and many segments of societies existent in this world. In order to make the world class education accessible to all human being on this planet, ALIS launched the noble and visionary project of E-School.  E-School will disrupt the conventional educating institutes. The whole silhouette of educating children will change.

Making Career Prospects Available

It offers Science and Arts both subjects so that students can choose from a plethora of subjects in any field, in future. For high classes it arranges career counselling sessions so that students can decide about their fields and career with the guidance of their experienced leaders.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

American Lyceum International School is concerned for the health and safety of its students and faculty. Everybody in campus is responsible for the safety of the children. The immediate people in charge of this are the Class Teachers, followed by the Teaching Assistants and then the Managers. No shoes allowed inside the Hygiene Controlled area. All electric sockets must be covered all the time.

Upon sign in, the staff is required to use anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and the product is used as often as needed all throughout the day by them. The school makes sure there is no object lying around, which may fall on the children and harm them in any way. Food items, whether from home or provided by the school, are always supervised and checked by an adult during feeding time (snack/lunch time). If a food is suspected to be stale or contaminated, ALIS will not feed it to the child and the parents will be informed.

The children are never left alone or without supervision, students are under constant adult supervision. The school encourages the use of disinfectant spray every week, to keep up the hygiene. Fire, earth quake or emergency training sessions are given to all the staff members.  ALIS organizes drills for students every month. It also has a soft play area for children to avoid any problem.

American Lyceum has introduced committees, which are responsible to uphold all the discipline. It organises refresh training sessions. The committees consist of a group of students and teachers. In this way the school empowers the students by cultivating leadership skill in them, these groups work under the supervision of experienced staff.

“We believe that every child can be successful. We conduct career counselling sessions once in a term to guide them for their future path. For this we work on their Leadership development. We have developed E-Learning in our school.” asserts Tahir.

‘Words of trust’

“Nice place, where you can leave your child happily without any worry of his/her personal as well social requirements.”

-Hina Yasir

Very caring and loving, my daughter is very happy with them”

Merwa Fawzi

Very beautiful and impressive way of teaching. I like it. You are doing great.”

Ahmad Zafar

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