American School of Paris – Nurturing Individual and Academic Excellence
American School of Paris

To nurture individual capabilities into something great is quite a difficult task. To empower one’s mind with potential qualitative traits with respect to academics is a job not everyone can fulfill. It is quintessential when it comes to young minds and how they are shaped to embrace versatility in everything. Some institutions adopt an approach to drive solutions that enlighten the mind of their students in such a way that their overall growth is aligned with their academic goals.

The American School of Paris was founded in 1946 with a similar approach and aim to provide education in the American curriculum to students from both international and French communities. Along with being a founding member of the International Baccalaureate program, ASP is an independent day school and the first International School in Europe. The school feels proud to be a part of one of the few institutes in Europe to offer a range of both International Baccaleaureat (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

ASP provides an American curriculum with an international perspective. It nurtures individual and academic excellence, providing students opportunities to attend the best universities and colleges in the world. “Our graduates currently attend four of the eight Ivy League universities and 17 of the global top 50 THE ranked universities,” shares the staff of ASP.

ASP is a vibrant, international, and family-oriented community. Its mission is to inspire and prepare every student to achieve personal and academic excellence as an engaged global citizen by providing a challenging, innovative program within a compassionate environment. ASP strives to inspire and empower its students to become the very best they can be through an experience unique in Paris: an American education centering on the individual, in an international setting underlined by a philosophy of respect and responsibility.

What ASP is all about…?

The school offers a unique learning experience. It facilitates a challenging, rigorous, university-preparatory academic program that embraces the best practices of an American model of education. Its exceptional and nurturing teachers, guide students to acquire skills and self-esteem necessary for personal success. Outstanding programs in music, theater, art, sport, and technology are carried out by ASP for its students. They develop a sense of global responsibility through hands-on service-learning opportunities.

One of the most important factors that turn this school into an exceptional education institute is its student body. Over the years, from a majority American student body, the school has evolved to welcome students from all over the world who now make up a unique network of alumni spanning the globe. “The experience that each student has at our school is enhanced by what each student brings to school from their own culture,” shares the staff of ASP.

From 64 nationalities, students speak 33 different languages as mother-tongue. With about one-quarter of the school’s population changing every year, the school has become an expert in facilitating smooth transitions both into and out of various communities.

Academics at ASP

Early Childhood program (Grades K3–Grade1) encourages young learners to discover the wonders of the world and enable them to contribute as positive, confident, and caring individuals. Learning beyond the classroom is an essential component of an Early Childhood education with ASP. Its recently re-designed Outdoor Learning space provides students in K3–Grade 1, ample room to build, explore, and create in different environments like ASP’s Mud Kitchen, Sand Pit (with a pirate ship), and a green garden. With a wide variety of materials to offer, Early Childhood students can express themselves through dramatic play, extend their learning by re-creating and developing in-class activities in the outdoors and work together to realize their ideas.

A typical day in the Lower School is filled with joy, laughter, and learning. In all areas of ASP’s curriculum and throughout the daily life of every child, the school seeks to empower students in taking ownership of their learning and to lead their own educational experience. ASP’s green campus calls for learning outside of the traditional classroom. From exploring and sketching its gardens in French class to planting vegetables in Science, and spreading out across the field during PE, the institute facilitates all these activities.

Our Lower School students visit the Parc de SaintCloud, Musée d’Orsay, Monet’s gardens at Giverny, local markets and farms, and important cultural landmarks,” states the staff of ASP. Curiosity is a natural part of the landscape at ASP. Educators from the English as an Additional Language and Learning Support programs work in close connection with classroom teachers to seamlessly provide support based on students’ needs.

ASP’s Middle School (Grades 6-8) philosophy of education focuses on a holistic view of learning, where students develop themselves as artistic, intellectual, physical, and social individuals. The curriculum takes an interdisciplinary perspective, emphasizing the relationship between the subjects at each grade level. With an emphasis on the mastery of lifelong learning skills, such as research and communication skills, rather than on mastery of a pre-ordained body of knowledge, students are prepared for life beyond the Middle School.

In addition to meeting demanding standards established by state and professional organizations in the United States, ASP’s curriculum integrates information technology skills into all areas of learning and prepares students for the option of the International Baccalaureate Diploma program.

The Upper School has more course choices for Grades 9–12 than any other school in Paris area. This enables the school to serve the diverse interests of the approximately 350 students enrolled in the Upper School each year. The rich and varied curriculum is accompanied by a wide variety of co-curricular activities and athletic programs, from robotics and theater to Varsity sports.

Students have the choice between pursuing an International Baccalaureate diploma, an Advanced Placement diploma, or an American High School diploma. The Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses constitute the school’s honors program. “We offer 12 AP courses and 30 IB courses. Approximately one-third of our seniors are candidates for the IB Diploma each year, and over 90% participate in either the AP or IB program,” describes the team of ASP.

A Holistic Approach

In addition to classroom learning, there are other aspects of ASP holistic educational experience which provide the students with growth, learning, and connections to the outside world. Consistent with ASP’s mission, these programs support students in achieving personal excellence as engaged global citizens. Programs are presented in an inclusive, compassionate environment, and are designed to develop a variety of interests and accommodate a wide range of skill levels. Athletics, performing and visual arts, service learning, and extra-curricular activities are all important components of a student’s life at ASP, from the Lower School through Upper School.

The school’s athletes are respected for their passion, achievements, and sportsmanship. In embracing ASP spirit, the school strives for its young Rebels to have fun, to support each other unconditionally, to lose graciously and win courageously. “We are proud that our athletes are respected internationally both for their achievements and their sportsmanship,” exclaims the staff of ASP, happily. Working together with coaches, educators, and the ASP community, the school’s program fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment for students. Whether it’s perfecting a skill or improving a personal best, being an exemplary guest when visiting other schools, or pushing each other to give the team, the best opportunity to succeed.

With students representing more than 64 nationalities, the ASP community is united by a passion for learning and unleashing the incredible potential of young people in and out of the classroom. As one of only a few truly international schools in Paris, the school has become one of the obvious choices for families who are transferring to France. Accredited by CIS, its international curriculum is an easy transition for children from schools all over the world.

Whether they are recording marine life in Saint-Malo, printing their 3D designs in the Innovation Center, or following Monet’s footsteps by painting in the gardens of Giverny, students are immersed in an enriching program that challenges them to discover their passions and achieve highly. All the while they are making lifelong friends from all over the world.

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