Amid Increasing Demand for Global Edtech’s Award-Winning PreK–12 Online Language Learning Platform, LingoAce Passes 10 Million Classes Globally

LingoAce, a leading online learning platform, is celebrating a significant milestone as it has taught over 10 million classes worldwide to students from more than 100 countries. Since its launch in 2017, LingoAce has been providing Mandarin Chinese and English language learning programs for children of all language proficiency levels and cultural backgrounds.

The company believes in the future of personalized education, leveraging advancements in AI technology to cater to the unique learning needs of each student. Language learning for children has been a focal point for LingoAce, and they have made substantial investments in research and development to refine their curriculum and create a seamless virtual classroom. Their platform allows teachers to effectively engage learners from diverse cultural backgrounds, regardless of their prior exposure to the language.

The popularity of LingoAce’s technology-driven language learning programs has been fueled by positive word-of-mouth, particularly among Chinese diaspora families around the world. North American families, in particular, have shown strong interest, with nearly 4 million classes taught collectively. Many of these families have been referred to LingoAce by other parents, and 4 out of 5 students in the U.S. have studied with the platform for over a year.

One success story is Junqian, a student who started learning Mandarin Chinese with LingoAce five years ago. His parents, aiming for him to be bicultural and bilingual as a third-generation immigrant, enrolled him in LingoAce’s online language learning program. Junqian’s progress has been remarkable, and his motivation to embrace the language has increased significantly with the support of his teacher, Ms. Guo.

LingoAce’s online learning platform offers a seamless virtual classroom experience, connecting students with passionate and accredited teachers. The curriculum is research-based and designed to engage students through interactive games, animated storytelling, and visual teaching aids. The platform’s technology allows students to attend classes from any device, while parents can easily manage their child’s schedule and monitor their learning progress.

With its commitment to personalized education, LingoAce has achieved significant growth and success, becoming a trusted platform for language learning among children worldwide.

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