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TheWiSpy App

School administration works hard to ensure the safety of the students. From upgrading the school structure with high-security metal detectors to introducing the mental and physical health examination facility to the students, school administration keeps on securing students and their future. Students are now attending social-emotional programs, and their mental health is taken very seriously. Apart from this, schools are taking active measures to monitor the students for their grades, behaviors, and possible threats. The use of technology is a great way to monitor students, and a good tracking app installed on school-owned devices will be able to do that precisely.

The tracking apps are the innovative measures taken by the schools, have a significant impact in looking after students’ well-being, and help identify the problematic causes of hurdles in good grades.

Kinds of Supervisions:

The schools funded by the federal in the US are required to implement their tracking plans. There are multiple ways schools are monitoring their kids. The following are a few of them:

  1. Monitoring applications are installed on school-issued tablets or desktops.
  2. Blocking unsuitable content.
  3. Scanning social media activities and emails.
  4. Going through the browser history.

Reasons For Supervisions:

Monitoring pupils has been demonstrated to be advantageous to them.

  1. Saving students from being bullied.
  2. Keep a watch on suicidal behaviors.
  3. Safety from threatening situations like school shootings.
  4. Exposing any contact with harmful substances like drugs etc.

Some Facts:

  • Social media was allowed in 69 percent of American schools.
  • In 2013, the percentage of students who accessed social media was 96.
  • 93 percent of Schools used Facebook as a tool of marketing in 2019.
  • The research was conducted by PEW, which stated that 4594 Americans were asked about using the social media app YouTube. They utilise it for learning purposes, according to 51% of them.
  • YouTube is very popular between high school goers. And 85 percent of teens use this platform.

TheWiSpy App:

Out of all the applications available to monitor children in schools, the majority of individuals voted in favour of mobile phones in a poll, citing a 35 percent rise in presenteeism among habitual sneaker users.

Let’s discuss some of the features that are efficient enough to handle school requirements of monitoring students.

  • Social Media Monitoring:
    TheWiSpy app gives the solution to monitor what students are doing online during school hours as most American schools don’t condone the use of social media in classrooms. Therefore, it becomes an obligation for the authorities to check and balance students’ activities. American teens spend a lot of time texting each other. A report shows that at least 40 texts are sent and received daily by teen girls between 13 and 17. Also, in the same age category, every 9 out of 10 teens use social media, and out of them, 71 percent use more than one platform.
    Through TheWiSpy app, you can scan below mentioned social media sites;
  • Snapchat:
    Among the students of age 13 to 17, 69 percent use the Snapchat app.
  1. Authorities have access to all Snapchat communications done on them.
  2. Streaks monitoring helps in how many consecutive days two persons were sharing snaps. It tells you the level of connectivity between them.
  3. You can get a detailed report which you can access remotely.
  • WhatsApp:
  1. Authorities can check the WhatsApp calls logs.
  2. All messages and chats are readable.
  3. Shared multimedia and links on WhatsApp are accessible.
  4. Activity reports with date and timestamps are downloadable.
  • FaceBook:
  1. You can track Facebook Messenger chats and logs.
  2. Facebook direct messages are readable.
  3. Saved multimedia from Facebook can be seen.
  4. A detailed report of Facebook activity is downloadable.
  • Instagram:
    Instagram has as many as 72 percent users between the ages of 13 and 17.
  1. You can read Instagram’s private messages.
  2. Instagram multimedia is visible.
  3. Activity report of Instagram is remotely accessible.
  • Viber:
  1. Viber activities can be tracked.
  2. Monitor Text messages.
  3. You can recover deleted messages.
  4. Complete Viber report is accessible through a web-based dashboard.
  • Email Monitoring:
    You may get a complaint of malware or phishing emails circling among your official school accounts. But you don’t know where it all started from and who is the person behind such an offence. It can be identified and prevented initially if you have a tracking app installed on school gadgets.
    You may use the Gmail monitoring tool to:
  1.  Access the emails of students.
  2. The date and timestamps are available with each email.
  3. Every Gmail attachment is accessible.
  4. You can view the list of email addresses.
  • Web Browsing History:
    It is critical to monitor what pupils are doing online when they are surfing the web. Students can be wasting their time on useless searches or reading inappropriate articles online. Using the TheWiSpy app, administrators can keep a check. It can help:
  1. To check the whole history of web browsing on Chrome/Firefox etc.
  2. The URLs are available to view.
  3. History is available with date and timestamps.
  4. Bookmarks are visible and can be accessed.
  • App Monitoring:
    School administration does not want to stop students from using the tablets during school hours, but tracking which app is most liked among students can reveal the trends, and schools can utilize those apps to do marketing.
  1. Monitor the date and time of every app installed on the device.
  2. Get a particular app usage report.
  3. You can identify which is the most frequently used app.
  • Instant Alerts:
    There is absolutely no space for foul language used by students in the school. However, with TheWiSpy app, you can set alerts for specific keywords.
  1. Get instant alerts on the application activities.
  2. You can assign specific words in the alerts section to get instantly notified when those are used.
  3. If a student tries to change the SIM card in the handset, it will send an immediate alert to the authority.
  • GPS Location:
    There are always a few naughty children in the class who have a habit of sneaking out while on the excursion trip with school. TheWiSpy app sends instant alerts for locations. You can;
  1. Use geo-fencing to see your location history.
  2. Track live GPS location.
  3. You can view the entry and exit time at a particular location.
  4. Locate a person through Wi-Fi-based locations.


Schools are investing in the latest technologies for facial recognition systems and security cameras all around campus. School administrations also use monitoring apps that monitor students’ motion, monitor students browsing history and emails, etc. TheWiSpy app can certainly eliminate some of the problematic issues. TheWiSpy app works in a complete stealth mode that can be used as a super tracking app to monitor student activities.

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