Anuradha Jain: A Fervent Educator Redefining Education Sphere
Anuradha Jain

Ambitious and amiable, Anuradha Jain serves Mahavir Public School Pungh, Sunder Nagar, as its Principal for the last 14 years. An electronics engineer by education, Anuradha aimed to do something bigger, something more impactful and something that would bring a positive change in the society and that is what turned her into a staunch academician. Not just an ordinary academician, Anuradha is an award-winning educator. Her extraordinary contributions helped her to earn the “Best Principal Award” by Science Olympiad and numerous others at the state and national levels.

Anuradha started her career as a lecturer in a Government College immediately after earning the degree from Samart Ashok Technological Institute, Vidisha. Her students’ feedback turned her life, and that is what instigated her to pave a path towards an extraordinary future in academic sector. For the last 29 years, she has been devotedly working with teachers and students and playing a lead role in inspiring them. Her devotion towards education has led her to win multiple awards and win various summits at the national level. Recently, she has been awarded 100 Highly Effective Principals Awards 2017 by AKS Education Awards at New Delhi on 22nd April 2018.

Anuradha’s efforts helped her school to win multiple valuable awards and to name a few are: Awards as one of the best CBSE schools in the country at CED 2nd International EduSummit & EDU Awards Centre for Educational Development and one of the best school awards by the Lovely Professional University at New Delhi by former President Pranav Mukherjee.

Initiatives Driven by the Leader

Being a teacher isn’t easy, but being a leader is even more difficult. Moreover, Anuradha, being a fervent woman with a desire to bring change in the sphere of education, contributes her best to the society. She leads her team of Mahavir to adopt the park area of Govt. Hospital Sunder Nagar. Every year the students and teachers visit the nursing home and SAKAR mentally ill children at home. This sensitizes the learners to their moral responsibilities for the society. The students are aware of global warming and other threats to nature. For this the students, NCC cadets, and teachers plant saplings.

Under Anuradha’s guidance, the school actively involves itself in cleanliness drive from time to time. The school also heartily involves itself in Anti-Tobacco Day driven by the Police Department. Anuradha further states, ‘Our contribution was also in Red Cross Fair where all the profit was given to them. I believe in “Charity begins at home,” so my effort is to open the windows of knowledge to the students of this town.’ As a result, when these students go to different states for higher education, they spread the spark of knowledge to others which were lit by Anuradha and her school. To inculcate the feeling of nationalism and patriotism various national festivals are organized and celebrated in the school premises. Along with celebrations of the festivals of every religion, it enlightens to the learners with problems our country currently faces.

Anuradha leads Mahavir Public School to organize different workshops and lecturers to make society aware of the reality of the nation. “I believe that every child has got some potential in him. We as teacher work the best quality in them by giving them the right opportunity” expresses Anuradha. Along with day to day activities, the sports day and the annual day are the most awaited events by students at this school.

While talking about methods to create an impact in the society while helping students bring out their real potential, Anuradha expressed, “Learners should come out of the cocoon of fear and break the chains of doubts.

Leader’s Mantra of Success

Motivated by self, Anuradha is a woman who believes in continuous efforts. She says that all is not well at times and the competition is vast, and it is always challenging to satisfying the learners. There are numerous distracting objects which keep the students continually pulling away from the right career choices. Also, being positive is the key that Anuradha follows to keep herself focused.

Anuradha shares insights about her life and says, “I think I’m born to quench the thirst of knowledge to the ones who need it. I get encouraged when students get placements in their dream college. I cannot control my tears when poor ladies come and thank me for free education to their wards (XII) and are themselves in tears. Yes, I cry with them as the tears fall of mutual bond with the parents, a pride for the child, fulfillment of trust bestowed on me and for the bright future of the child; I trust my students, so they also do.

About the School Creating Benchmarks in the Education Industry

With a focus to teach in a playful way  to the juniors and seniors in a way that they can enjoy the learning process and be able to relate it to their life, Mahavir Public School offers quality education to students from LKG to Sr. Secondary level. The school understands the requirements of each student judged by various innovative parameters and provide guidelines based on that.

“No Coaching” outside the school is the motto of the institute, and that is why the highly trained and very well experienced faculties at the school provides education in a manner that teaching and coaching go hand in glove. The students here enjoy the best-in-class facilities and classrooms equipped by latest technologies. Most interestingly, the school offers fee concessions to students belonging to economically back warded students. “Our mission is to fulfill everyone’s ambitions,” concludes Anuradha.

The Leader’s Message to the Tomorrow’s Future

Willpower and desire when adequately combined make an irresistible pair. You should choose positive thoughts and be with positive people. Spread positively around you. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. Adopt new techniques and technologies, be constructive. Moreover, don’t be a slave to gadgets like mobile and laptop rather be a master.

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