Apple Takes Initiatives to help teachers Utilize Most of the Online Learning

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, teachers across the U.S. are making attempts to teach their students through online learning platforms. However, the transition for teachers doesn’t seem to be going well. 

One of the teachers of Jackson County, Sammy Brandt said, “We have really great resources at school, but we don’t get to take those home.”  

Teachers who usually interact with students inside physical classrooms are finding it difficult to adjust to these new changes. Brand said,” A lot of teachers need patience and understanding”. She continues, “They don’t even know what kind of things they need or what kind of things are available to them when it comes to online learning.” 

Hence, to make the transition swift for educators, Apple is making its learning specialists available. These experts will coach the teachers who wish to schedule free, one-to-one virtual coaching sessions. They will guide educators about the basics and help with numerous approaches to educate students. 

Brandt, who has begun to tutor her students online, said not access to the internet and providing students with necessary devices has been a major issue. 

She has introduced learning avenues from Buncee, a creative presentation tool, to Flocabulary, an app that makes lessons into songs, to Flipgrid, a lesson-planning platform to her students keeping in mind their available resources.  

However, most teachers do not possess the necessary knowledge to educate their pupils. Thus, they can email Apple Professional Learning regarding their queries or call their support line to resolve their issues. Apple has also taken into account that many students might not have access to the same platform. Hence, it is helping on available workarounds. 

Apple has also released a collection of videos designed to help educators make the most of remote learning centered around the most common themes and questions their specialists’ team is receiving.

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