Artificial Intelligence a Tool Not a Threat

Dr.-Rupali-Dhamdhere | Principal | C M International School

“Alexa give me the news updates”

“Alexa play this song”

Sounds very familiar, very common today. But maybe just a couple of decade’s back this seemed like a distant thought, a fantasy.

Remember Star Wars and those other sci-fi movies where one just touches the glass and it transforms into a touch screen that gives you all the information or a robot following all the given instructions. But all this is almost real now.

We are rethinking about all the things that we do and how we are doing them. All this comes together as artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence or AI has always been there at least I feel that human beings always had the idea of lifeless objects coming to life always wanting more and accurate information and thus we as humans have put an extension to our imagination and intelligence.

Anything that could move has caught the attention of the human eye, it could something as simple as the toys that were operated with keys and as they were wound the sudden movement caught the attention.

AI or Artificial Intelligence though formally founded much later has always been the mirage of the human brain which was brought into concreteness through a lot of research and it also went through a lot of winter periods where there was a lot of criticism to the entire execution and implementation of AI. The entire driving force behind this was to create a properly automated and educated world where machines might prove to be like a true humanizing experience.

But however close we get to be humanized ultimately the human touch is what may be missing.

The question then arises whether the machines created by humans who are supposedly the dominating species on Earth, today will exceed human intelligence tomorrow.

The answer is that it is very likely that machines will be much more smarter than us, which will give us almost error free results by the end of the century.

We still have a long way to go so as to conclude the pros and cons of AI, but there is no need to fear… we feel insecure when we see a dew drop on a flower or how much ever we are prepared for a natural disaster we still are far away from assumption.

Yes I still believe it is a tool and should be used as an effective tool.

About the Author

Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere is the dedicated educational professional with more than 15 years of teaching experience covering all aspects of school operations, including teaching, counseling and special program management. She has proven her ability to create and monitor policies and practices that promote a safe learning environment, ensure a school culture that encourages continuous improvements for teachers and students. She had been part of many prestigious institutions as coordinator and is currently the Principal of C M International School. Among many achievements of her, recognized as top 25 women leaders in Indian Education Sectors 2018 is the latest feather in her crown.

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