Asad Shamim: Envisioning a Future that Accentuates Business Growth
Asad Shamim
Asad Shamim

Juggling multiple industries requires exceptional dedication, resilience, and determination. Asad Shamim’s story is one of dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to values that drive success and positive impact in multiple industries. His journey exemplifies the transformative potential of hard work, determination, and adherence to principles, making a significant difference in society and achieving success across various domains.

Asad Shamim embarked on his furniture industry journey in 2006 with the founding of Furniture in Fashion, initially a small online retail venture that operated through popular e-commerce platforms like eBay and Amazon. Over time, the company witnessed remarkable growth under his leadership, prompting investments in a warehouse and showroom, allowing customers to experience and purchase furniture in person.

Under Asad’s astute guidance, Furniture in Fashion broadened its product range and forged relationships with international manufacturers, enabling the provision of a diverse array of furniture designs at competitive prices. Presently, Furniture in Fashion holds a distinguished position as one of the UK’s prominent furniture retailers, serving a wide customer base both online and through physical stores.

Nurturing Enduring Relationships

At the core of Asad’s mission is the dedication to offering high-quality, contemporary furniture designs at prices that remain competitive, all while upholding exceptional customer service standards and nurturing enduring relationships with the clientele. His visionary outlook is set on positioning the company as the leading furniture retailer in the UK, showcasing the latest global trends and designs, and expanding its global footprint through strategic collaborations with international manufacturers and retailers.

Values hold a significant place in Asad’s professional ethos, emphasizing customer satisfaction, quality, innovation, and integrity. These values are not merely guiding principles but the foundation of success in business, instrumental in establishing trust with customers and partners alike. He lays a pronounced emphasis on ensuring that customers experience unparalleled satisfaction by receiving exceptional service and top-tier products tailored to meet their specific needs.

Offering Unparalleled Customer Service

Recognizing the inherent challenges within the fiercely competitive furniture industry, Asad steered Furniture in Fashion towards offering distinctive designs and unparalleled customer service to carve a niche for the brand. Economic conditions, too, were navigated adeptly, with strategic adjustments in pricing strategies and product offerings to maintain competitiveness during times of economic uncertainty.

The global pandemic underscored the pivotal role of supply chain management, prompting Furniture in Fashion to diversify its supplier base and establish more robust supply chain management processes to mitigate the risks posed by disruptions in international shipping and manufacturing. Furthermore, the surge in e-commerce and digital technologies prompted strategic investments in online platforms and technologies, enhancing the overall customer experience and ensuring sustained competitiveness in the digital marketplace.

The integration of modern technology into the services notably enhanced efficiency and improved customer experiences for Furniture in Fashion. Utilizing e-commerce platforms, AR, supply chain management tools, CRM software, and IoT technology streamlined operations, curtailed costs, and facilitated the delivery of high-quality furniture designs to customers both online and in-store.

Assisting Businesses for Sustainable Growth

Beyond the realm of his own ventures, Asad extends his expertise through a range of consulting and advisory services, aiding businesses in achieving their growth aspirations. By providing strategic guidance on various business aspects such as strategy, financial management, marketing, branding, leadership, team building, innovation, and technology, he assists businesses in establishing a robust foundation for sustainable growth and enduring success.

In the capacity of a keynote speaker, Asad not only shares insights but also inspires businesses to embrace novel approaches to growth and innovation. He actively adopts a combination of methods to stay abreast of the latest trends in modern businesses, including reading industry publications, attending conferences and events, conducting thorough research, engaging in collaborative networking, and pursuing continuous education.

Carving a Niche

With a forward-thinking approach, Asad envisions a future that accentuates business growth, innovation, and social responsibility. By remaining agile and adaptive while focusing on delivering high-quality products and services that cater to customer needs, he strives to position his business for enduring success. His industry expertise, global perspective, innovative thinking, results-driven approach, and empathetic and collaborative style set him apart in his roles as an advisor and keynote speaker.

In offering advice to fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners, Asad emphasizes the core principles of creating value, embracing innovation, building robust teams, planning for the future, and seeking expert advice. He firmly believes that adherence to these principles significantly enhances the likelihood of success and enables the achievement of long-term goals.

Writing New Chapters 

Mohammad Asad Shamim was recently appointed as the Vice President for the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom by IFA7, the esteemed governing body for world football 7. The announcement of this significant appointment was made, marking a new chapter in the development of Football 7 in these two nations.

In his new role, the 51-year-old Shamim is entrusted with the vital responsibility of overseeing and steering the development of Football 7 within the UAE and the UK. The objective is to enhance and fortify the growth of this dynamic sport in both countries.

Expressing his enthusiasm about Asad Shamim joining the IFA7 team, IFA7 President Daniel Balcorta conveyed his delight, highlighting Asad’s distinguished background in the business realm and his visionary approach. He expressed full confidence in Asad’s capabilities and welcomed him warmly to the IFA7 team, foreseeing exceptional contributions.

In response to this esteemed appointment, Shamim expressed his gratitude and humility in accepting this significant responsibility. He conveyed his eagerness to commence his work with IFA7 in the UAE and the UK, emphasizing the transformative potential this role holds. Asad envisioned this opportunity as a catalyst for ushering in new prospects and an innovative vision that would resonate across various societal levels.

Asad Shamim, a notable individual with remarkable accomplishments across diverse industries, holds the position of CEO at Furniture in Fashion, a prominent online furniture retailer in the UK, which he established in 2007. Additionally, Shamim serves as the Vice President of the International Football Association (IFA7), a global organization dedicated to promoting grassroots football. Managing a private fund exceeding £500 million, he primarily invests in distressed or undervalued companies, showcasing his astute business acumen and strategic foresight.

Dedication to Social Justice

In 2015, Shamim challenged and successfully influenced the revision of the regulation by the British Boxing Board of Control that previously restricted type 1 and type 2 diabetics from pursuing professional boxing. This advocacy highlighted his dedication to social justice and his effective use of resources and position to drive positive change.

Shamim’s journey to becoming the CEO of Furniture in Fashion is a testament to his passion, hard work, and dedication to excellence. His early fondness for furniture and design, coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, led to the founding of ‘Furniture in Fashion,’ which has now established itself as a leading furniture retailer in the UK. His success in the furniture industry underscores his visionary leadership, offering a diverse range of high-quality furniture items at accessible prices.

Aiming to Inspire and Empower

Apart from his professional accomplishments, Shamim is deeply committed to his core values of integrity, hard work, and excellence, which he strives to instill in his team members and colleagues. His experience in diplomacy and strategic planning has equipped him with the ability to navigate complex business and political environments, thereby building strong relationships with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.

Shamim’s involvement as Vice President in IFA7 reflects his passion for football’s unifying power, aiming to inspire and empower young individuals worldwide by enhancing the accessibility of the sport. He also actively engages in philanthropy, showcasing his dedication to giving back to the community and supporting various charitable causes throughout his career.

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