Ascot International School: Rendering a Caring Environment for All-Round Development of Children

Ascot’s challenging curriculum enables its students to become adaptable lifelong learners in an increasingly changing world.

I want to go back to my school days’, ‘I wish I could re-live those days of my school, again’, so frequently these words fall on our ears; so frequently we wonder these were true. A student, along with the education, takes away a bundle of memories from his/her school. It is not just a place that polishes the academics of a student, but it is a mold that sculpts the children into who they are. It is immensely important that this mold shapes the young minds rightly. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a right environment for the growth of children in the most critical years of their life.

One such school, rendering lifelong memories to its students, is Ascot International School. It offers a nurturing and caring environment where everyone is valued and has a voice. With a unique culture of support that encourages students to take risks and explore learning, it has created an atmosphere where one can see smiling faces of children as they run into the school, see them play together, and hear their laughter.

Located in a quiet residential community on Ramkamhaeng Road, Ascot was officially established in 1995. Its culture has been built over 20 years and every member of the school contributes to its success- children, parents, teachers, TA, maids, nannies, and support staff.

The Enthusiast Leading Ascot

Mr. Gary Booth is the Headmaster of Ascot. Upon completing a BSc in Geology, he began working in the oil industry. He then completed his PGCE and became a Science teacher. He has taught around the globe, including the UK, Bermuda, and Thailand.

At Ascot, Mr. Booth enjoys the excitement of being in a learning community where children are encouraged to take risks and extend themselves. “It is an exciting place to be, surrounded by people who are taking risks and learning all day,” says Mr. Booth. He loves to learn new things and enjoys talking to people who have a passion for learning. He encourages all students at Ascot to make mistakes, learn from them, reflect, and improve.

Eclectic Curriculum and Accreditations

Ascot offers the IB Diploma Program for the children aged 12 & 13. It is a candidate school for the IB Primary Years Program for nursery to Year 6 (Ages 3-12), which it anticipates to be approved by the end of 2018. At Ascot, students of early years and primary years already learn using IB methods. For early years’ students, the school leverages EYFS of England and Wales as its guiding curriculum; a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on the development of the child, wholly. For the primary years, it follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales curriculum to help the learners become positive, productive, and globally minded individuals who strive to embrace lifelong learning. All its years reflect its unique position as a British curriculum international school in Thailand.

The school is authorized by many external accreditation boards who attest to the fact that the education on offer is of a high international standard. These boards include IBO, CIS, as well as it is an authorized examination center for IGCSE examinations for the Cambridge International Examinations boards. Ascot is also accredited by national bodies in Thailand, which include ONESQA and the OPEC.

Extensive Infrastructure

The green campus of Ascot features four main academic buildings- early years, primary, and two secondary buildings. Also included is an indoor gymnasium, covered swimming pool, and basketball court, as well as one of largest football fields of any school in Bangkok. Its state-of-the-art classrooms, libraries, science labs, music room, and art studio benefit its students on various scales. The school is currently expanding its facilities to include a new primary library and futsal stadium.

Ascot has recently opened a new campus in Kobe, Japan. It is currently open to Early Years and Primary Years students and will be expanded to offer a Secondary (High School) program, with boarding facilities, by 2020.

Co-Curricular Activities

Ascot offers variety of extra-curricular activities (ECAs) every day after school, from 3pm – 4pm. It has separate ECAs for early years, primary, and every age group. ECAs for early years include story book art, Thai cooking and culture, arts & crafts, swimming, outdoor games, to name a few. Whereas, for primary years, ECAs include English club, choirs, badminton, homework club, pop songs and activities, Mandarin language and culture, and much more. These are selected in order to inculcate right qualities in the children of that particular age group.

The school also has the world-class Ascot Football Academy, where students train from 4pm – 5:30pm. Since its inception, the Academy has grown from just a few players to over 160 students. Ascot’s football team has bagged many victories in major football tournaments, both locally and internationally.

Career Exposures

Ascot graduates have gone on to study across the globe in countries such as the UK, the United States of America, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Ireland, and Switzerland. Graduates, who chose to continue their studies in Thai universities, have gotten administered in schools such as Chulalongkorn, Mahidol, Thammasat, and Kasetsart University.

Ascot’s alumni have moved on to be respected members of society becoming doctors, pilots, engineers, lawyers, business graduates, hospitality management, and even improving their family businesses.

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