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The institute aims to raise the standard of legal education and training through innovative approach towards the legal education, training, and legal process through capacity building of the student.

The importance and need of legal education has increased by leaps and bounds as it acts as a catalyst in building up a nation by facilitating the settlement of disputes within the recognized framework of law. Asian Law College (ALC), affiliated to CCS University, recognized by Bar Council of India, strives to impart quality legal education with a view to produce world class professionals, corporate lawyers, scholars, academicians in law, and interdisciplinary professionals. The college provides the perfect platform for exploring opportunities and a conducive environment for teaching, learning, and research.

Offering Distinct Academic Programs

ALC has a steady approach on governing contemporary legal issues in this developing global world. Currently they offer two courses namely BA LLB (5 Years) and LLB (3Years). The college also offers a variety of other diploma/certificate courses like Diploma in Corporate and Legal Communication; Diploma in Media & Entertainment Laws (Asian Academy of Film and Television); Diploma in Cyber Law (Asian School of Cyber Law); Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights; and Diploma in Foreign Language- French & German.

About the Director

Dr. Saleem Akhtar (Former Dean Aligarh Muslim University) is the Director of ALC. He is an illustrious alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University and has also served the university as the Dean and Chairman of the Faculty of Law. At Asian Law College, he has contributed with the noble idea of setting up Asian Law College Judicial Coaching Academy for the students of ALC. He is actively engaged in the programmes of various societies at Asian Law College like Moot Court Society, Legal Aid Society, Law and Media Society, and Literary Law Society. He believes in exchange of ideas through conference and seminars due to which ALC has hosted a series of expert talk and guest lectures and is in continuous process of organizing national seminars on recent and relevant legal issues.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

In order to encourage students to fulfill their dream of becoming the country’s top legal professionals without any financial disability, Asian Law College provides scholarship to the meritorious students based on their result in the last educational program like 12th std and graduation. ALC also helps the students with regard to bank loans. A separate division of staff is dedicated to this purpose with the single motive of minimizing the financial burden on the students and their parents. ALC as an institution is also open for consideration of meritorious students’ fees exemption to permissible limit as per the internal policy of institution.

Major Events

In order to maintain the interest of students in academics, the college organizes an array of extra-curricular events including:

  • Kesshet: An annual event organized every year which provides a mixture of academic as well as non-academic events for students.
  • Athleema: Athleema is the annual sport meet which is organized every year.
  • Moot Courts (Intra and Inter-College)
  • Law and Media Sessions
  • Legal Aid Camps
  • Legal Quizzes and Debates

Fostering a Learning Ambience

ALC being one of the promising law colleges in India has maintained its diversified approach with regard to the students as there are students from almost all states of India. The cultural diversity of the crowd also makes the study of law interesting in the campus as it promotes fraternity. The institute provides world class infrastructure when it comes to classrooms, computer lab, library, hostel etc. The institution’s philosophy is to provide the best possible environment for each and every student who has trusted ALC as an institution.

The additional diplomas and certificates which are rendered to the students from ALC are at par with the international standard of education. The areas covered by the institute are recognized at international level like intellectual property law, cyber law, foreign language, media, and so on. The interdisciplinary diplomas are a major encouragement for international students who want to learn law under Indian context and have a comparative study of them.

Career Opportunities and Exposures

ALC boasts of strong and evident personality of all its students by the time they are ready to face the real world. It has the Centre for Skill Development (CSD) which works on improving on all aspects of personality of each and every student. The CSD helps the students not only in their overall personality development but also guides them on various personal issues ranging from stress management to realization of a successful career in law.

The Corporate Resource Cell (CRC) at Asian Law College takes responsibility of the placements and summer internship of all the students. It organizes various guest lectures, talk with industry experts, interaction with lawyers and judges, and discussion with corporate personalities, helping the students of the college to fix their aim after having a bird’s eye view on all possible opportunities in the legal field. The cell evaluates each and every student since the inception of their journey with the college till their final placements.

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