Asociación Escuelas Lincoln: Providing a Unique Edge to the Children
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The school aims to inspire the next generation of creative and critical thinkers, dedicated to a life of integrity, providing an education to the highest US accreditation standards

Situated in La Lucila, few minutes north of the City of Buenos Aires, Asociación Escuelas Lincoln International School offers unique teaching approaches that influence each child’s lifelong learning. The school has a long history of more than 80 years in excellent teaching and provides a unique edge to the children since 1936. Lincoln is a nonprofit school and has three sections- Lincoln Elementary School, Middle school, and High School, accredited by American, Argentine, and International Baccalaureate Board.

Beautiful Campus with Multicultural Environment

It has 21-acre modern and green campus that lies on the banks of the Río de la Plata. The school provides a perfect learning environment, synchronized with master-planned architecture and landscape for unmatched access to success. All divisions have a separate building which is specially designed, updated and furnished to meet the specific needs at each learning stage. The school has two gymnasiums, an Olympic size pool, a theater, a wide and luminous cafeteria, tennis courts, various playgrounds, soccer, and track fields. During and after school hours, students, families and staff members involve in innumerable academic, social, cultural and sports activities.

Lincoln has also installed Maker’s Spaces, fully equipped rooms with 3D printers, laser cuts, green screens and a wide range of technological tools. It has a wellness Centre and wellness team comprises of volunteers, instructors, medical caretakers and non-instructing staff that cooperate on wellbeing efforts and occasions.

This school carries modern, career-focused and international perspective to the education. Students from more than fifty countries attend the school every year and Lincoln proudly celebrates the diversity. It is a truly international school that provides a world-class education to nearly 700 students from 50 nationalities Multifaceted and talented faculties of various departments play different roles to enrich the knowledge beyond teaching. The passionate teachers make the learning active as well as interesting and acting as a ‘guide on the side’ as opposed to ‘sage on the stage’.

Unique Pedagogy and Syllabi

“Lincoln’s education is all about nurturing curiousness and active learning”

Lincoln offers a challenging academic program that prepares students for the best college. The curriculum is college preparatory in focus and culminates in the International Baccalaureate program. In Lincoln elementary school, students learn in English and Spanish every day. The extracurricular activities, weekly classes of PE, music, art, as well as sports activities are available after school. The middle school program includes core program as well as specialist program enhanced by an activities program where students have opportunities to participate in athletics, sports, clubs, student council, and community sponsored activities.

“We offer excellent academic programs that are best described as international in content, and taught in a distinct North American style across all divisions” asserts Michael Martell, the Superintendent of Asociación Escuelas Lincoln International School.

The school provides a unique high school learning experience. The high school program includes International Baccalaureate (IB) and students successfully earn the prestigious IB diploma accredited by Argentina and the United States. For high school students several recreational activities, fine and performing arts, athletics, leadership, and a wide variety of clubs activities are provided. Lincoln is the place where students develop academic skills as well as social skills that will allow them to contribute successfully in the rapidly changing world.

Being a bilingual school, Spanish is also taught along with English. The expert Spanish teachers make the learning easy and quick for expatriates’ as well as enhance the level of those who already have a basic Spanish level. Portuguese is also taught as an elective foreign language class in High School.

A Dynamic Leader

Highly effective teaching professional with extensive experience, Michael Martell joined as Superintendent of Asociación Escuelas Lincoln International School in 2014. Prior to this, he has worked as Superintendent at international schools in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Singapore. Michael has a keen interest in teaching and fostering students’ cognitive and social skills.

A Message from the Superintendent

“As parents and educators, we know the single-most significant factor in student achievement and success is the quality of their teachers. Here at Lincoln, we take great pride in our highly qualified, multinational teaching staff. Our goal is to select educators who are passionate about teaching and inspirational for our students. While a vast majority of our teachers come to us with advanced degrees, our expectation is for them to continue their professional learning during their time here at Lincoln. Our faculty and staff are well represented in leadership roles both locally and internationally in professional organizations and conferences. We fully support teachers’ efforts to publish, present, and continually hone their craft.”

Events and Activities at Lincoln

At the beginning of each academic year, Parents at Lincoln Board (PAL) organize events and activities include a Welcome Coffee and Transition Tours of Lincoln’s campus, surroundings and even major Buenos Aires sites for expatriates. These activities specially held to ease new families into school and life outside school. Moreover, special events are held regularly to share different experiences such as monthly info talks, book clubs or sports matches and tournaments. The school celebrates International Day and shares its incredible diversity such as traditional meals to national music, dance shows and more. The school also has an Eco-Committee integrated by teachers, staff members, students and parents that works alongside local governmental programs.

Lincoln encourages teachers as well as students to take participation in events like TED-Ed and TEDx Talks, or SPEAK, that provide a perfect platform to share their ideas. Moreover, High School and Middle School sports teams participate in local competitions and international tournaments organized by South American Athletic Conference (SAAC).

Service Learning programs are at the core of the school’s values. Service Learning includes practical learning, utilizing content to address community issues while learning from the experience through reflection. Every year, students engage in activities to support local communities helping to improve their environment, while learning valuable lessons to become empathetic and caring world citizens. This is not only in the Buenos Aires area, as kids also travel to other provinces in Argentina.

Preparing for Future

The school has a successful track record preparing its students for the world’s top universities as well as arts, theater, and music colleges. Lincoln provides a challenging academic program and environment in which students are upheld in their journey towards building up the self- confidence and academic prowess needed to gain access to the finest colleges in North America and the world abroad. The school offers several opportunities to the students to explore their future lives beyond high school. Lincoln’s vision is to inspire the next generation of creative and critical thinkers, dedicated to a life of integrity, nurtured in an environment where young people enter to learn and leave to serve.

MakerSpaces: children’s learning paradise

Moving at par with the technologies, the educational system of Lincoln applies the new technologies in their curricula. This is Lincoln’s second year developing MakerSpaces, where the focus is set on design, creation and innovation.  Commenting on its journey ahead, Michael Martell adds, “We step forward with the launching of a unique MakerSpace for each school division. It includes specific equipment, aimed to develop student’s abilities to their full potential”.

“Words of Trust”

“We chose Lincoln for our kids because we had looked at a lot of schools in Argentina, in Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas, but once you step on campus at Lincoln, you know there’s something different. It’s the teachers, it’s the staff, and it’s the students… Everyone’s smiling, happy, and eager to learn.”

–  Stacey Gibson, mother and PAL member

“What I love about Lincoln in my case isn’t necessarily about academics or college prep although I know that’s terrific. The most important thing for me was finding a school where the kids could be themselves, and be happy and come every day with joy.”

– Juan Mora y Araujo, father and President of the Board

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