Aswaforce Pvt Ltd: The Creative Force Storming the Animation Industry

With the number of hours people spend on their personal devices increasing rapidly, the amount of content being developed to cater is also increasing proportionately. Easy access to high-speed internet has made digital space the most preferred to be, for common people and businesses alike. Video content rules the charts and the use of animation and Visual Effects (VFX) to advertise, deliver a message or simply entertain is on an all-time high.

Accordingly, the Indian animation and VFX industry has been registering growth at around 16.4 per cent. As per the KPMG India-FICCI, Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report 2017, the Indian animation and VFX industry grew in 2016 to reach a size of INR59.5 billion, driven majorly by a 31 per cent growth in VFX.

While that may look like a bright number, India has still a lot to catch up when compared with other markets like the Japanese Animations market which was valued at 2 trillion yen ($18 billion or INR1.1 trillion) for the year 2016. The Indian Animation industry started largely with outsourced work brought in by the American and the British market. And that remains true today as well. While Indian talent is revered and in demand all across the globe, the home grounds still lack original ideas and people.

The growing home industry needs people who are talented and passionate about using the medium and creating visual treats, and Aswaforce Private Limited is putting all its resources to fulfil the dearth.

Incepted in 2010 as Aswaforce Studios (turned into a Private Limited in 2018), the company was started with the idea that the industry needs good talent and that it can fill in this gap and serve the industry with its good work. Since then Aswaforce has been a force to reckon with courtesy its creativity. The company seeks a balance between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and result.

The Force Behind the Scenes

An animator and Artist, Dr. Bhavesh Suthar, Director, Aswaforce, has over 15 years of experience as 3D Character Rigger and 3D Character Animator. He has worked in 3D VideoGames, 3D Animated feature film, commercial, direct to DVD, and has directed animated shorts as well as video game cinematics. With his animation, he tries to give the best performance possible and deliver something that will move the viewer. A highly motivated person, Dr. Bhavesh Suthar is always willing to learn new skills and perfect current ones and share his knowledge with others which makes him a great leader and the perfect team member to any situation and project. He was also acknowledged by the PassionVista Global Icon Award as the ‘The Most Admired Global Indians: Dr. Bhavesh Suthar’ on 21st & 22nd Dec 2019 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Unmatched Services

Aswaforce offers outsourcing 3D Animation, Game art Assets and Environment Design, Architectural Visualization, TV Commercials and Advertisements and 3D Interactive Product Presentations. It is a leading Offshore 3D Animation, Game Design and Architectural Visualization company in India.

Aswaforce believes in stumpy promises and lofty performance. It serves clients by listening to their concerns, understanding their goals, and sharing their vision. Its strength lays in delivering high-quality creative outputs that meet client requirements and surpass customer expectations. Aswaforce is knowledge-powered communication that contributes most to the success of its client by providing value-driven solutions and best in class result.

Aswaforce’s key Services include:

3D Retail Products Modeling: 3D product modelling is a prime need for the industries today and Aswaforce provides seamless prototypes of your products, ranging from electronics, toys, cosmetics, educational, medicines, construction etc.

3D Animation: Its animation services include Full length animated Films and Short Films, TV Series, Cartoon Animation, Product Visualization and more.

Architectural Visualization: Putting ideas from paper to screens, designing your dream house becomes easier with Aswaforce’s Architectural visualization.

3D Interactive Product Presentation: Aswaforce has the ability to develop customised interactive product presentation as per the need of the product.

Physically Based Texturing(PBR): PBR is based on real-world values, making it more accurate and consistent under all lighting conditions. It is the technology that powers AAA video games assets/VR/AR making one achieve a new level of realism for 3D models.

Aswaforce also takes care of Game designing and Development, TV Commercials and Advertisement and more such services. Some of the Achievements that have brought Aswaforce Pvt Ltd and Dr. Bhavesh Suthar glory and face are animations to Mobile Games like Youriding Snowboard2, Greed Monger, Kings of Kungfu, Wave Rider, Lethal Restitution, OGP – Operation Gezipark, Sekaiju – YGGDRASIL, Alien Avenger, War Chess Game etc. Then there is the animation movie “Rega Rezza” and TV Series like “Prisoner Zero”: ABC – Australian Broadcasting Corporation(With Disney Artists), “Matnam”: for European Countries and “Yum aur Bum”: Indian local TV Series.

Poised for Growth

Since 15 years, Aswaforce has been adding value to the industry and nurturing talent. It is committed to developing quality 3D Animation products and services and was recently nominated for Excellence in Arts and Animation at 2nd Asian African Leadership Forum at Delhi in January 2020.  Dr. Bhavesh Suthar was recently awarded as The Most Admired Global Indians of 2019 by PassionVista Magazine and it was confered to him by Mr GD Singh at The Grand, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

It’s comfort, working on a variety of platforms, pipelines, art styles and genres enables Aswaforce to provide cost-effective solutions to various game development needs. With clients like MacDonald’s Australia, Osiris Studios, BMG Media and more, Aswaforce is poised for growth and expansion.

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