Austin ISD is experiencing trouble evaluating students for Special Education Services, and The Government is stepping in

A management team to assist Austin ISD in addressing “systemic issues” regarding serving students with disabilities is being proposed by state education officials.

An Overview

The Texas Education Agency stated in a report released on Friday that AISD has repeatedly failed to provide the services required by state and federal law. Quite possibly, the most pronounced problem confronting the region is its continuous accumulation of custom curriculum assessments.

TEA additionally researched whether the area was executing understudies’ individualized instruction programs (IEPs) and tracked down disappointments there.

In the report, TEA Director of Special Investigations Adam Benthall wrote that “AISD delayed, and in some cases completely failed to provide, special education and related services to students even after students had been identified as eligible for special education.”

Evaluations assist in determining a student’s eligibility for special education services and whether or not they have a disability. Evaluations must typically be finished within 45 school days.

13.3% (10,032) of AISD students require or receive special education services, according to the TEA report. As of Walk 20, 1,808 assessments are past due. This number includes the initial and subsequent evaluations, which are required every three years.

End Note

Officials from Austin ISD said that the TEA is welcome to assist. Advocates for disability rights and families have stated that the state agency should address the crisis seriously.

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